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  1. I'm about 2.5 years out of dental school and I can say the dental profession is not really what I expected it to be In terms of income: I barely broke 100k in the first 2 years. I worked in the GTA area and have found out that things are very tough for an associate dentist in a highly competitive market I found It's quite difficult to find a "good" position with mentorship and for the principles to invest into you. Most really don't care, and just want someone to work there so they generate more revenue for the practice which means more $$ in their own pockets. As an owner, you
  2. I've heard of a few who were out 3-5 years, however they weren't practicing full time when they graduated and had other things in their life that made them not practice as much. I.e kids, marriage etc. Maybe that explains it. However, some of these grads just want a "chill" schedule, and just want to sit back and think "i made it" i'm entitled to high pay. Well...sorry to burst some people's bubble, dentistry is an entrepreneural professional. You have to find your own work and convince patients that what you're doing for them is in their best interest and make them want to pay for it.
  3. I'll throw in my 2 cents here I went to a rural dental school in Australia and the clinical experience was excellent. It was a 5 year program and we saw so many patients in our last year as we had no classes and just saw patients. Essentially I completed a full working year before I came back to Canada and was kind of expecting private practice to be the same. However, I soon realized private practice is VERY different from school. Based on my experience, I've spoken to multiple practice owners and mostly will not hire a new grad because of a few reasons: 1. Lack of experience 2.
  4. You're gonna find it tough for a clinic for you to come in and shadow and understand that most clinics right now just want to get back to pre-covid revenues. Someone who comes in and doesn't do anything except maybe gets in the way of things definitely are not going to be as welcomed post-covid due to an increase demand between PPE and fallow time. Unfortunately for now just hold off the shadowing experience. I don't think it's a make or break deal when it comes to your application. If asked just say it's covid and you weren't able to shadow, the admission panel will understa
  5. I personally have zeiss 3.3x and luma dent light. I LOVEE my loupes, although they are on the heavier side but they are supppper good quality IMO i'm obviously bias XD
  6. Anyone on here that have completed a GPR in Canada? I'm eager to hear about your experiences. I.e what the program was focused on, what type of things you did. i know most are focused on treating medically complex patients but did any of the programs have a focus on endo? implants? oral surg?
  7. couldn't agree more. If you 're looking for an "easy" way to make lots of money dentistry isn't it. Period. i doubt anything is lol...
  8. There are A TON of careers out there that make wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more than dentists. You just don't know about them because you haven't been exposed to them! I've got friends who are in banking and they are raking it in.... Others are in computer sci or engineering and they work for big companies like google or apple and they get paid like 200k a year as well If I knew what I knew now when I was in high school. I may have chose a different career path tbh....
  9. I'll throw my 2 cents in as well. you just started undergrad, how are you 100% certain that you want to go into dentistry. When i started undergrad I had no clue what i wanted to do. I'd say go and explore your interests! don't get tunnel vision which is what a lot of people around me got I found. Dentistry is not an easy career, the job market at the moment is quite whacky especially in big cities. I'd say stick out your first couple of years of undergrad and then if you really decided that you want to do dentistry then apply
  10. Well....I'm not sure about all of the dental schools in Canada but yes there are grads in Canada that graduated with very minimal clinical experience compared to some US or Aus schools. I do agree everything else you've said. The amount of practices in major cities that are looking for people who can just step in and complete "complex" work is increasing and mentorship in major cities may also be lacking due to competition. Not to say there aren't any opportunities available but it's becoming rarer and rarer.
  11. just explore your options . No need to rush into a decision right now. You have tons of time to explore all sorts of careers prior to making an informed decision. You have to remember that many people here are quite biased because this forum is more of a "med school" orientated forum not a "allied health professional" forum. Take what you read from here as a grain of salt and do your own thing. figure things out your own way. Just remember: GPA is king. Keep your marks high and doors will open.
  12. That is a horrible way to pick your healthcare practitioners........... If you think that the Canadian or US system is superior, then I fear you are quite ignorant of the fact that there are many countries that produce very qualified doctors/dentists. Some of these people who are passing the equivalency process are actually specialist from their own respective countries. Now i'm not gonna say you're completely wrong as to there are some countries that produce lower-tier graduates or their graduates are just not trained as well as graduates from Canada/US/Aus/Uk/Ireland/Europe. Even
  13. It's probably to do with the lack of dentists in Canada. Big cities is saturated, but smaller and rural towns there is still a lack. So getting more dentists qualified might push some of these to rural places to practice fulfilling the need. I have no idea tbh. it's just my speculation.
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