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  1. Our generation will spend the rest of our lives paying off the baby boomer's profits, and the debts incurred by them (national deficit is 268bn as of March 2021).
  2. I agree with everything you said, until this last sentence. It is only the "average Canadian" homeowners who already have "skin in the game", who are able to afford to buy houses. Average Canadians with 80k salary without an existing home, will never be able to afford a house without significant corrections in the real estate market or unless they inherit one from their parents. The "average Canadian" with 80k salary who bought their house >10 years ago for $500k (say they take a $400k mortgage after 20% down payment), and their current home value has appreciated to $1.8m. Their total
  3. Jobs for non-surgical specialists in urban centres may be scarce, but they are high in demand outside of urban centres or rural centres. Surgeons have more challenges finding jobs, but many of them end up in the US and I think they tend to do very well. Two residents that I had rotated with in medical school are both in the US now and doing very well. The only bubble is the Canadian Real Estate Bubble (Ontario & BC). As someone graduating next year, I know I will not be able to afford a home for the a few years despite making an income in the top 1% of Canada. Let that sink in.
  4. Are you a Canadian citizen with US green card? If so, you are considered a USMD/CMG by both American and Canadian schools (i.e. Non-IMG). If you want to do residency in the US, it is usually recommended that you do your medical school in the US as well, as it makes it easier to make connections for the Match.
  5. For the ultra-competitive specialties, I am sure that everything matters.
  6. Yes you can always apply to the US after you have already completed a Canadian Residency. However, there is the huge opportunity cost of course. If the specialty is competitive in the US as well, it might be worthwhile considering not backing up (i.e. going unmatched), then do a "research fellowship" year and write your Step 1 too. In the US, Step 1 scores are king.
  7. In several countries, the physician is both the prescriber and dispenser. So imagine if physicians were allowed to dispense medications from their offices, I wonder how would pharmacists and pharmacy chains feel about that?
  8. Over the years, I have noticed that this is becoming a problem in Canada too, although not as rampant for the reasons mentioned above. I believe a physician cannot bill for the work of a PA unless they physically lay eyes on the patient themselves. NPs, on the other hand, do not need to be supervised by a physician. I have seen large Telehealth Organizations take advantage of this.
  9. To say that the process is entirely subjective is also untrue. There are many ways other than grades to show abilities objectively, such as research productivity, awards, or even leadership positions while in med school.
  10. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. This article was discussed quite extensively on **DELETED** when first published. Glad to hear that it has since been retracted. I wonder how it got through the peer review process in the first place. Very similar to the article published in Vascular Surgery on #medkini.
  11. https://www.diagnosticimaging.com/view/radiology-extenders-outperform-radiology-residents-with-chest-x-ray-interpretations I read this article the other day and found it very interesting. Wondering if it is mostly matter of the total number of clinical hours (senior residents > experienced techs > junior residents)?
  12. Yes almost all were successful at matching to Plastics and Ophthal. Derm was around 50-50.
  13. Research + Electives are probably the most important things to show interest in the specialty. Networking is valuable, but can also be a double-edge sword.
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