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  1. Ah yes, the "let's just be friends" of clerkship evaluations. Agree with above replies. Try and get specific feedback about your performance from a trusted preceptor on the rotation. Take that to heart, and then do a home-school 4th year elective in the specialty (maybe at a different site? U of T has a lot of them) to get a letter.
  2. As far as I can tell they're replacing bureaucracy with different bureaucracy.
  3. Stop catastrophizing and join some sort of co-ed sports league.
  4. Probably want to talk to an accountant about this. When you're into six figures, there might be ways to structure it more advantageously. Or at least get a small piece of infrastructure named after yourself by your appreciative recipient (if you're into that). But I don't know, mostly because I don't have a hundred large burning a hole in my pocket every year. You might not, either. While $350k per year sounds like an outrageous amount of money, by the time you account for overhead, taxes, mortgage, debt repayment, insurance, retirement savings etc it will likely be a lot less an
  5. Don't count on institutional amnesia as part of your match strategy. I once walked into a fellowship interview at a school where I didn't match for residency, and a member of the interview panel was the PD of the residency that I didn't match to. He remembered me. It was awkward.
  6. Stuck in the middle of the ocean on a ship full of decrepit octogenarians and limited medical resources at hand. What could possibly go wrong?
  7. As others have mentioned, too many variables to say for sure. But when in doubt, do a home school elective.
  8. "Have you been on break yet?" "Do you want first break or second break?"
  9. Youth is wasted on the young.
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