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  1. I remember him saying that 55 people did their undergrad at Western (not 55% of the total class). That doesn't necessarily make them SWOMEN though. I don't believe any actual stats were given out during his O-Week presentation, unless I missed that part.
  2. I was just reading up on pasts posts about the scholarships and someone said that if you're being considered they will contact you for more information...can you verify this? Were you contacted for more information?
  3. I'm fairly certain we don't need to line up as medstudents. I believe our bus passes will be delivered to us in our mailboxes.
  4. I feel relatively certain that in least in terms of getting an interview, they don't look at your ABS or references. Basically, if you meet their minimum cut-offs (you can look up the past couple years cut-offs, they will likely stay in the region of those), you get an interview.
  5. I was told that successful applicants will be emailed in mid to late August - this is likely for the students who applied for the later deadline.
  6. Just found this here: https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/admissions/medicine/financialassistance So, not to be a downer...but I believe tuition is more than 14k? Anyways, I believe for myself, I will getting a line of credit. Banks (I have heard) are generally very happy to give you large loans (upwards for 200k) with no need for a cosigner/collateral. I also applied for a bursary (although late) so hopefully will get that but might not, especially since I submitted late... I suppose what you're worried about is borrowing that sort of money and not being able to pay it back - I'm not real
  7. Rejected. cGPA: 3.67 MCAT: 12 verbal (12/12/12) MMI: Didn't feel great! Screwed up a couple stations (at least) definitely. Timestamp: 8:10 a.m.
  8. Accepted!!!! Timestamp: 9:13 a.m. Unspecified campus SWOMEN 2 yr GPA: 3.85 (3.84 and 3.86) MCAT: 36Q (12/12/12) Extracurriculars: volunteer research, ESL, international student programs, hospital guide, intramural dodgeball Interview: Felt like it went really poorly! I actually went home and cried afterwards. So you never know! Hoping to get Main campus - does anyone know how this gets decided or why its unspecified currently? I have accepted the offer :)
  9. Hi everyone, I've obviously missed the deadline for this bursary, but I was wondering how everyone found out about it in the first place? Is there anything else I could apply for? I had thought they'd send out an email about scholarships or bursaries like other schools did. Shoot. I really do have financial need...
  10. Regrets Time Stamp: 1:56pm PDT, from Leslie Taylor Year: 4 Status: IO wGPA: 3.84 MCAT: 36R (12/12/12) ECs - intramural sports, ESL, international student work, hospital volunteering Essays - Not great, felt okay.
  11. Thank you thank you thank you! That takes a lot of stress off my plate. Should I still bring the report cards?
  12. Okay thanks! I'm trying to get everything I can ready. This is such a bad way to start the interview off...I feel like an idiot.
  13. I somehow didn't see the part of the email requiring a high school transcript for the interview if SWOMEN. As such, I don't have one ready for my interview tomorrow at 11 a.m. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to obtain one before then or what to do at all??? Thank you! Having a panic attack here... I would make the cutoffs without SWOMEN status.
  14. I live in London, so no problem for that interview. I have a car as well so will be driving to Hamilton for the Mac interview. As for reading week, I will be working at least 20 hours plus about 15 hours in the lab, so honestly won't have any more time than a regular week. It's true they will be different styles though. I assume though that a lot of the material to review (healthcare system, ethics etc.) will overlap. Thank you for the input! I need to decide soon.
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