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  1. Hi Can someone please let me know if U of Calgary only considers VR from MCAT? thank you!!
  2. HI i just saw your post although it is old i was wondering if you would be able to help me out i am in the same position as you were… im definitely a non trad student coming from a science back ground writing the mcat soon definitely not strong in the PS VS and BS im okay .. but i dont have the pre reqs either anyway looking for some advice thank you!
  3. Does anyone know what they cut off fr the MCAT was last year for Queens/// also I need some advice as fall is fast approaching. . .I dont know if I shouldtake more classes or not post nursing degree.. i am currently signed up to do two medical mission trips over seas in sept and nov.. any one have any suggestions.. considering masters fr following year at the moment
  4. for someone who doesnt know much at all about orgo.. any suggestions what i should focus on for mcat?
  5. yup o chem without ore reqs is roughh… i know i will struggle with that but i dont have the background so … i know some basics but ive heard its a small section of the mcat
  6. Alyssa11


    taking the mcat with only some pr reqs ?? focusing on ontario schools.. for now spending over 3 months of studying… thoughts?
  7. Thank you for your response !! much appreciated! do you have any other nurses in your class or other classes that could offer some advice?
  8. i just finished nursing this june and now attempting to study for the mcat.. obviously it is a huge challenge for anyone.. but without the pre reqs for it is it worth my time? should i take the pre reqs and attempt or? any suggestions?
  9. Thats great! I have just completed BScN and looking for a job.. few interviews lined up.. as well as considering a masters… not sure in what yet.. possibly nutrition.. however this year the new formula is 25% GPA my cumulative gpa is 3.45… my lost two years are cometitive (3.6, 3.87) but my first year is hurting me.. should I upgrade undergrad? or work and masters?
  10. This is for any nursing students who have been accepted to mcmaster medical school..would you mind sharing your route in?
  11. I am stilll confused by this … i talked to western admissions and since with nursing I had at least one pass or fail course per semester all my years are ineligible to apply… HOWEVER i know multiple nurses who hvae been admitted by their program… I dont understand
  12. Why does western not consider a year in the gpa calculation if theres more than one pass/fail i just finished nursing and each semester I have one pass/fail class for clinical this is extremely frustrating!
  13. does the last two (or best two for Queens have to be above 3.7 in each year or cumulatively? also i thought UofT is really tough with gpa competitively? a masters degree would beneficial?
  14. … opinions on fall plans.. this was mentioned before but i hadnt stated my whole case… finished with a not so so hot gpa (nursing degree) working on studying for mcat and writing within next 2 months many ECs, tutoring, varsity track, cross country, a lot of volunteering, research, exchange, two medical mission trips planned for next month… what should i do? work as a nurse? do more research or take classes to improve Gpa?
  15. i see.. okay thank you!! another question.. thoughts on Australian medical schools?
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