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  1. Thanks for the reply mike88 Yea my last 2 year gpa is good but my cgpa is really bad so I was going to do a second degree in order to apply to Ottawa who looks at at 3 and improve my gpa for Alberta since I'm in province. And maybe allow me to apply to queens. But if doing so does affect western it would really suck. But your right I may just spend the time getting research experience or ther ecs.
  2. I have a question regarding UWO. I applied this year but if I don't get in I want to do a second degree in nursing while continuing applying. However because of UWO only one pass/fail course I may not be able to make the requirements. But my last two years of my current undergrad gpa should (3.9 3rd year and 3.9 hopefully again this year) as well as mcat. Is there away to have them just look at my first undergrad or am I eneligible to apply if I take a second undergrad in nursing? I had emailed them awhile ago regarding the same question but I haven't goften and response so I was wonderin
  3. Hey I was wondering if any of the compressed 2 year after degree nursing programs include the gpa of your current year when comprising your gpa? I have a very low gpa for both 1st and 2nd year but a 3.9 for third year and I am currently in 4th year. Thank you
  4. Also I was wondering if anyone knew if gpa from current year fall semester is used when calculating gpa? It says on the website that the current year fall term transcript is due Feb 1 and interviews are held in march. Thanks
  5. That's really good news since I was thinking of not applying, but now I think I will since I may have a chance, however my extracurriculars are not anything special. Also were you recently admitted? It's just that the recent stats for admitted applicants is really daunting since it makes everyone seem like they have 3.8+
  6. Hi there, I was looking at mabe applying to a couple of American Pharmacy schools but some of the ones I looked at require a public speaking course. But my university does not offer such a course so I was wondering if there are any classes that could replace that or if I could take it at another school however I don't know if any of the schools near where I live even offer the course. Any insight would be helpful especially if you also encountered problems with this. Thanks
  7. Hey thanks for answering , hmm I never knew you could do that, I thought spring and summer course grades were not counted towards your gpa for the U of A?
  8. Hi, I was wondering do you guys know of any cases where someone has gotten in with a ~3.4 gpa (with the lowest gpa dropped) and 37 mcat? Thanks
  9. Well if someone went during the last month and graduated they would be SWOMEN as they would then satisfy the criteria you said which was to graduate in a SWOMEN area. I personally hope that the fact that I lived in SWOMEN area all my life up until gr. 11 counts as well then if one month counts
  10. Sorry, inceptions comment has got me a bit confused. I just need to have attended a highschool in swomen correct? But not graduate in gr 12 from that same highschool?
  11. Nope it wasn't a typo, I moved to another area for grade 12.
  12. Oh ok thank you, that's really good news then!
  13. Hi, This might be a very dumb question but for some reason I am confused about SWOMEN status. And applicant from Windsor Ontario is considered SWOMEN status right? It is not just only those applicants from Grey, Bruce, Huron, Perth, Oxford, Middlesex, Lambton, Chatham-Kent, Elgin, Essex and Norfolk Counties? I am asking this primarily because I attended grades 9 - 11 in Windsor so would like to know if I qualify as SWOMEN even though I do not currently live there. Thank you
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