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  1. They hire practice eligible EMs who have passed. Most of the other docs don’t know how you obtained it. It’s not important.
  2. Also, as of this year requirements for practicing physicians have changed. The most significant change is that the site the physician is working at must have advanced imaging such as CT. This means that docs working in smaller rural centers with no CT cannot use those hours to qualify to write the exam. A lot of people who have been working towards practice eligibility are now excluded and quite upset. https://www.cfpc.ca/en/education-professional-development/examinations-and-certification/examination-of-added-competence-in-emergency-medic/eligibility-and-application
  3. The +1 EM program is through a CARMs match. Many programs will only consider applicants that are finishing their fam med residency the year they apply so you will not qualify if you try again later. Other +1 programs you apply directly to the school. There is no match.
  4. Oh no I got my full license right away. I missed that provisional part. Sorry.
  5. Is this a new regulation? I am licensed in BC and there was no such rule when I registered in 2016.
  6. There is a way to sign up only to use mainpro (the CFPC cme system) without being a full fledged member. It is less expensive but I cannot remember by how much. If you choose to go that route, you cannot use the CCFP designation. That might seem unimportant but some hospitals want you to have that designation in order to obtain hospital practicing privileges.
  7. I second this. CCFP-EM year was painful. Totally not worth trying to work at the same time. My PD discouraged us from doing it.
  8. I am a CCFP-EM working in a tertiary care hospital in BC doing full time emergency medicine. We teach medical students and residents including the occasional 5 year elective resident. I do not do any research but my center is looking to grow in that area and I totally could if I wanted. As for who is hiring, I finished my EM year 2 years ago. 2 of my cohort are working in large academic centers not in BC. As far as I know, the only places in Canada that restricts to hiring 5 year EM residents are VGH and maybe st. Mike’s in Toronto. Everywhere else, I have heard of CCFP-EMs being hired i
  9. Some programs provide a form where they ask the referee to rate the candidate on certain qualities and then to elaborate on those on a separate letter. However this is not the norm.
  10. Actually I think the cost got incurred when you chose to submit an application to a given school. Since it has been paid for, no harm in ranking them.
  11. I don't know if this is still the case but some provinces like Ontario will only let you try if you are just finishing your family med residency. The exception is people who are off cycle can sometimes try twice in that case. Once to have a delayed start date and another to have a bit of free time in between fam med and the +1. Other provinces like Quebec have no such restriction and you can keep applying.
  12. Carms is like a sorting hat. Discuss.
  13. I know I had to input my scores and submit the reports that go along with them for my +1 EM carms app. I am also pretty sure they don't look at it cause my score was only ok and I matched. Can't know for sure though.
  14. 2014 and 2015 are now on the carms site.
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