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  1. Your passport photo is used for your McMaster student ID actually!
  2. hahaha maybe i should've said: we'd be happy to answer questions regarding the Mac program but, no I'm not.
  3. +1 I was an actor today and yesterday and had a blast! I was (for the most part) VERY impressed with the interviewees. I'm sorry to hear that some people didn't have a good experience with their hosts but I hope you enjoyed your day at Mac for the most part. We loved having you. We'd love to answer any other questions you have!
  4. Hahaha you better believe it!! Going for the trifecta this year! Then maybe I'll hang up my hat and let someone else win next year But in all seriousness, last year was intense! Almost as intense as Snider's new 'stache
  5. So the admin said its too late to set up an "official" billeting system for this years interviews but we'll have one in place for next year. That being said, if you're desperate for a place to stay, shoot me a PM with your email and I'll see if I can put you in touch with the people who said they can billet someone.
  6. There's been some discussion on medportal (Mac medicine's online forum) about setting up a billeting system and its generated interest. Will keep you all posted!
  7. Try some of the bed and breakfasts in the area (dundas, ancaster, etc). I stayed in one the night before my interview and it was great. Quiet and friendly, plus they drove me to my interview in the morning!
  8. Yup rmorelan (Hi buddy! hope you're doing great!), at Mac we have our CARMs interviews during clerkship. Which is a bit of a con with the 3 year program, I agree, since you have to pick your specialty before finishing all your rotations. I personally don't mind this because of all the horizontal elective opportunities I've taken advantage of in pre-clerkship as well as the 7 weeks of full-time summer electives we do. I came into meds with no idea what I wanted to specialize in so these electives have def. helped to rule out/rule in before clerkship starts. Granted, preclerks dont get to do
  9. Lots of people write their MCAT while in grad school. Grad school isn't a career...just like undergrad isn't a career....it can lead to a career (though some days I felt like it was my job..ugh) Many people choose to do a masters before med to get some research experience or they're unsure of what they want to do after undergrad and are testing the research waters (me). There are tons of people in medical school with graduate degrees. My med class (Mac) has a little under 50 with or pursuing grad degrees at the time of acceptance. UofT probably has even more. GOOD LUCK Lost_in_space!!
  10. Yea maybe I shouldn't haven't been so harsh. Like some macmeds residents needing time to academically catch up, boys need extra time to catch their maturity level up to that of their female peers Now I need to go play video games and feed my gigapet
  11. I completely agree with you. Listening to people's degrees at the white coat ceremony was interesting. my parents commented on the diversity of the class and the number of non-science/typical pre-med degrees. I think its great to have the diversity and I have no doubt that they will be fantastic doctors but they are having a tough time keeping up. Mac will produce tons of fantastic doctors and some not so great ones who will struggle in residency and beyond. This is true of every single medical school in Canada. hahaha there are always those few people who you wonder how in the hel
  12. Good season, everyone!!!! I thought I was done for when oh, i dont know..ALL OF MY PITCHERS WERE GETTING INJURED. Pumped to come out on top for the 2nd time running And that is the extent of my trash talk....now I'd like The Law to comment on how awesome I am at fantasy baseball
  13. 18...paying for stuff and budgeting appropriately (aka..not ordering pizza every night)
  14. I guess I think of it this way, people interested in medicine, will take an undergrad program in something like health sciences (or similar) to learn more about the science of health (similar to medicine). So its not that much of a shock that a large number of people in medicine have health sci degrees.
  15. Thanks for posting that, nemesis! Great to see the variety of people we have in our class. Everyone I've met so far have been so nice and so interesting to talk to. Now I need to sleep...a lot!
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