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  1. ^^^ I'd go if it was for laser hair removal for ass cracks and ballz
  2. If I didn't coach football i'd be spending every week at my cottage in the summers instead of just part of august. My family gets more frigging use out of it than I do
  3. If a country wants better population health then the answer is pretty simple: have less poor people (which also translates into less crime) The answer is not more doctors, nurses, and hospitals. Problem is, as NR indicated above, politicians have other priorities (getting re-elected) which are both short-term and short-sighted.
  4. Lol I was just bringing a side of whimsy and smart-ass to the thread. Nothing serious
  5. ^^ and welcome to the new topic of morality and ethics. Soon to be arriving to the discussion will be Bentham, Mill, Kant, Locke, and Rawls lol
  6. Lol I'm finding easter eggs in my downstairs study. I have been down in this room since last Friday so wife must have planted some down here. Nice treat
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