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  1. If you live in Alberta, there's Rock the DAT that will be coming to Calgary and Edmonton. Many students found them to be very helpful and enjoyed the interaction with the instructors (which are dental students themselves) :)
  2. If you want to take "GPA booster" classes, I'm sure if you'll do a simple google you'll find something. But keep in mind, certain courses people recommend as "GPA booster" may not be for you because everyone has different interest, good at different things. Therefore, like dentkid12 was saying, it's important to pick classes that are more interesting for you/you are good at so there's a higher chance those classes will truly become "GPA boosters" for you. I can tell you a real story. I took a class that people say is a "GPA booster". It's a class I absolutely don't enjoy and I'm terrible
  3. They will look at your summer course GPA if you've taken 4 courses or more in one spring/summer period. If you take any less than that, I don't think it'll be considered.
  4. Hi! Another friend and I practice twice per week at University of Calgary. Would you be interested to come and join us?
  5. Thanks for the input! Really appreciate that! Do you mind if I ask, have you had interviews at any other school and how did they turn out for you? I would say your stats are really great and the fact you were able to land an interview already shows they think you are pretty amazing. So I wonder for you the weakness would be just interview and all of your other stats are super strong that's not really why you were rejected?
  6. I have another quick question. On UWO's application, under Employment and Activities, I don't think that's where we present them with our EC and stuff we did during uni right? that's only for applicants that couldn't do full time because they had to do those employment and activities and they just have to explain during that section right? just to make sure. (sorry if it sound redundant) Thanks again everyone
  7. Thanks Denthope2021 and DDS.2019 for your helpful reply! I really appreciate it! Yes I am planning to apply to this cycle. If anyone have any opinion or advice, I would love to listen as well! Thanks again everyone!
  8. Hi guys! Since this post is about UWO applications, I hope you guys won't mind if I ask some for some opinion as well! Personally I'm an OOP applicant and I tried to calculate my GPA average and it turns out to be around 88.43% (so a bit lower than average, and my best two years include one 10 course year and one 8 course year, so it'll probably lower than what I calculated). I do have RC24 and AA20. I think my EC should be okay. I'm mostly worried about my GPA and the fact I never did physiology. I'm only doing my undergrad and no honour either. So I'm quite worried. Would you guys th
  9. Hello! Would anyone in Calgary be willing to meet up to do some weekly MMI prep? If you are not in Calgary and would also like to practice, I'm willing to Skype practice with you as well! Please contact me if you are interested! Thanks
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