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  1. Selling (in Windsor or Hamilton) Doing Right, 2nd edition $10 OBO TPR MCAT review set. $30 OBO
  2. I train aikido and am quite sad that I won't be able to train as much or maybe at all when school starts. Anyone at McMaster do aikido? (Yoshinkan)
  3. How bad is it? My bike is old but do I really need to lug around a heavy steel U lock or multiple locks in order to feel like it'll be safe?
  4. Choice of program stream isn't as big of a deal as one might think entering the program. I would just suggest taking a look at the course options in each stream and see what piques your interest. Some people who had traditional/sciency backgrounds stated that they did global health management or the other one (globalization and development? the political science/sociology stream I can't remember the exact name) just to do something different or new to them. Of course others stuck with global diseases and that's cool as well. Also, if you want to switch streams once you're already in the prog
  5. Hi, Does anyone know if med students are covered under the university plan through their tuition and when the plan takes effect? Thanks!
  6. There is definitely a facebook group- "McMaster MSc Global Health Class of 2015"
  7. Hey, Well if U of T is going to hold you to the June 30 rule and you did course based, you would have to do your practicum immediately after the symposium in India (or explore options like completing your internship while in India if that interests you). The symposium usually ends the first week of May I believe. So you'd need to double check -When the symposium will end in the year you do the GH program -How many weeks/hours the GH program is requiring your practicum to be And you'd just have to be extra on top of arranging a practicum that finishes by June 30. Definitely doable.
  8. Mac med students are covered under a student health and dental plan right? Does anyone know when this takes effect? Thanks!
  9. Anyone know when we will get official confirmation of the date for the white coat?
  10. Edict, I take it that we will be classmates.... (!) Thanks for your help on the international application subforum -Chenoa (aikigirl)
  11. If you enjoy nursing and would be happy with it as a back up career, then going for your BScN may be a good choice and definitely safer than the pre-med program to Carib (Avalon) med school, for the aforementioned reasons. You can apply to med school from nursing (e.g. after 2 or 3 years depending on the school) or after graduation while working as an RN. However, you would have to find a way to score high on the MCAT.... the way I see it is doing nursing gives you a great back up plan but means you need to do extra coursework/devise a self study plan that will enable you to ace the MCAT. Goin
  12. Tough choice... the seems to be MPH the more recognizable degree vs the MSc GH which may help with employability. Of course as you have mentioned the MPH will take longer. I was in a similar position when I applied to GH; one of the reasons I applied was for the 1 year time frame. I did have a back up career though (nursing). If you don't have a solid back up career and medicine is the end goal, I might suggest that the MPH may be a better choice in terms of finding work after graduation.
  13. I was fortunate to hear back in early May (around the 8th?) I suggest you contact the GH office directly. Try Teeghan at durityt@mcmaster.ca Hey! I did nursing and had a OMSAS gpa of 3.97. Mediocre mcat of 29 (11 VR) so I'm lucky Mac only looks at the verbal! I didn't find the (course based) program to be overly demanding. People managed with PT work, families, extracurriculars, etc. I came from nursing, which people either consider difficult with demanding clinical placement hours or easy with fluff courses and no real sciences depending on your personal opinion....and I managed
  14. Hi there, Glad to hear you're interested in global health. Overall, I had a good experience with the program but it is not going to be the best choice for everyone, depending on your personal goals. If global or public health is your passion, also look into doing other grad degrees like an MPH- it's more recognized and the 2 year structure will give you more time to consolidate knowledge, do research ,etc. Other ideas...Macs MBA in health service management, Health Policy, Epidemiology, international development, political sci..... Full disclosure- I went in as someone looking to get i
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