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  1. No. Read as much non-medicine stuff as you can, while you can.
  2. There is one, watch for it in the coming days, we're hoping for senior resident, staff, and PD support.
  3. Date of latest offer is when the most recent WL acceptance was sent out, they'll update the date as more are sent. Don't expect movement until other schools give out offers.
  4. Now that match has happened, anyone wanna shed more light on their experiences? This is unacceptable.
  5. What you're experiencing is normal. Reach out for help. There are several telecounselling resources available, find some specific to your province, possibly even covered by your student health plan. Good luck!
  6. If you like it, do it. If you're doing it to help you match FM, don't.
  7. FWIW, probably the best clerk I've ever worked with was an ICU nurse prior to med school. Your experiences are immensely valuable, and I hold them in higher regard than publishing a case study or a 5th author on a systematic review that merely edited the manuscript.
  8. No one knows, this is a unique situation that is still evolving.
  9. This is going to be a mess with the 8 week cap on electives. People who are gunning for competitive specialties that organized away electives in April and May are going to have difficulty doing those rotations even at home.
  10. I'd definitely spend the money I allocated to dress shoes on a very good webcam.
  11. Your point is well taken. Just a note on your ophtho example. Yes 13/37 spots are in Quebec. McGill is pretty accessible to Anglophones but that's besides the point. 1/3 of ophtho spots are in a French speaking province. However approximately 1/3 of CaRMS applicants are from Quebec schools. So I think the French speaking argument is less pervasive than at first glance.
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