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  1. Hi All, Can anyone share what they know about the interview process at WCVM? Is it MMI, etc. Thanks!
  2. Finally got through to the office. There was a gliche in the application portal system. Results will be available at 5:00 (approx. 1/2 hour).
  3. Now admissions won't even answer the phone....it just goes to voice mail saying to look at the Admissions Bulletin if you have any questions or email them.
  4. I called the office and they said results were released at noon.
  5. Hi All, Does anyone know if the title of the email is self explanatory, or do you have to open the email to find out that you have been rejected, waitlisted or offered. Further, will the emails come out in any particular order - rejections first, waitlisted second, etc. Thanks and good luck to all awaiting the June 1st communication!
  6. If offers started being sent out around noon, how long would it take to complete the invites?
  7. Agreed. They video record each station, so if they suspect an issue, they can rewatch the interview for anomalies.
  8. Well, those are over with...only two months to wait Any thoughts / comments on the interview / process, etc?
  9. I wonder if they are going alphabetically down the list of interviewees - I hope not, cause I should have received my email by now!
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