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  1. Not sure why you find my comments inflammatory. Like I said I was involved in admissions, were you? The BSAP applicants need to meet the min requirements to get an interview (min gpa is low to mid 3s, hence why I said they are accepted with 3.6-3.8) and are evaluated on a separate stream as other applicants. You can’t reap the benefits of a diversity program then turn around and deny the advantages of said program. There’s no reason for me to be biased, like I said, I’ve been done medical school for years now, so there’s absolutely no benefit for me to be biased or to skew facts from my experi
  2. Was responsible for admissions at UofT previously (resident now) and the only ones who were accepted with low GPAs (lower than 3.9) are graduate applicants. For undergraduate students its next to impossible, though if you are black, there is a separate Black diversity program at UofT that doesn't take GPA into account, so you can get in with GPA in the 3.6, 3.7 or 3.8s.
  3. Hey guys, Are there any McMaster family medicine residents who have done their family medicine rotation at the MFP Mcmaster family practice clinic site? Had a couple of questions about the site including the patient demographic that you tend to see there. Also, according to the website, the family practice clinic hours are 8:30-8pm , so do family med residents stay till 8pm every day at the clinic? If anyone has worked at the MFP site and could shed some light that would be great. Thanks!
  4. Get a reference letter from someone not involved with the prof and definitely don't ask him for one. One bad reference letter can unfortunately ruin your chances of getting into medicine. I've been involved with file review and unfortunately there were a few applicants with outstanding grades, ECs, and two otherwise excellent reference letter but wirh one negative reference letter that claims applicant is unsuitable for medicine. Without giving specifics let's just say one negative reference letter can entirely destroy your chances of getting an interview invite, let alone acceptance.
  5. When I emailed they told me all invites have been sent out. If you didn't receive one you were rejected
  6. Has anyone heard back from Saskatchewan FM (Regina or Saskatoon)? Interview thread says invites for it came out but not sure if the person who posted it is credible
  7. nope for FM it's not that important to do away electives. I did almost all my electives at my home school, and only did one away elective at McMaster and another outside of Ontario. Applied all across Canada and have received an interview invite to each one of them so far so away electives probably aren't that important . You can msg me if you have more questions
  8. Hey guys, I'm going into my third year of med school/clerkship in less than a month. And I'm trying to decide if I should get laser surgery within the next week or not. I've been wearing contact lens for about 8hrs, and I hate glasses. I've never really worn my contact lens for a full 24hrs though. So for people who are in clerkship do you still wear your contact lens while your on-call? and would you advise against it? thanks
  9. there were quite a number of ppl who were accepted off the waitlist a week or two ago...i personally know about a dozen or so of my friends/classmates who got off waitlist...there are a lots of ppl who dont post on premed101
  10. dont be discouraged, I had a mid 3.9 gpa with a 31 MCAT (9 VR) and got 4 interviews and was accepted at one and waitlisted at the others. Keep on trying and you will get in eventually.
  11. does anyone know if the hard copy+$1000 deposit deadline is firm? I still havent received my hard copy in the mail (and I live in toronto!)
  12. waitlisted OOP 4th year MCAT: 31 GPA: approx 92% interview: not as good as my other interviews
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