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  1. clinical psych with a post doc in neuro psych and a masters in psycopharmacology, really just takes you to another level, best of all you can work at clinical salary while you do each plus do medicolegals on the side
  2. depends how many electrons they can donate halogens are donating 1, which is in actuality nil, oxygen can sapre 1... like to you see in tautomerization in step 9 of glycolysis to create a double bond and more free energy states... bromine is hardly electron withdrawing, to much inter-electron repulsion from being in such a high orbital group... i'd assume 1 is more stable than 2 since there'd be an easier time shuffling the positive charge (or using the extra electron from teh benzene on a nearer carbocation...
  3. yeah, you're probably right, i forgot i wasn't from ontario, diff story.
  4. you get what you put into it... push yourself to the next level and there are ample opportunities for product development in business, offshoot private enterprise. Write, create a new diagnostic product, create a new diagnostic solution, run a public health promotion company... develop a novel non-pharmacological treatment based on biotech and your knowledge of your field and extensive research abilities... i'm loving the way alberta is taking education and incorporating it with innovation
  5. i respect fm docs who really are on top of things, that takes a lot of dedication... you can also always add a plus 1 and supplement your skills... i want to be the best in the fields i enjoy... being a member of an "elite specialty" would mean much less to me than being the best in one of the few i was really passionate about... if i was a family doc, i think i'd branch out and work in health policy, administration, government, ways to improve preventative care... iuno.. nothing personal, but the day to day urban fm walk in clinic doesn't appeal so much, i can;t help it, i get bored easy... t
  6. well, i think you mean u of a or waterloo... lol, but aside from that, the research capabilities and funding are at another level, hence employers don't necessarily pick waterloo grads, waterloo people inherantly are picked because they're good... and hence, more desirable employees and/or researchers
  7. i'd say this is rather accurate... very, actually.
  8. getting a 4.0 wouldn't have served me much in retrospect... i did get a 3.8 dealing with a perennial suicidal gf though, running god knows how many student groups/volunteering, working, partying hard, doing almost 50 courses in 4 years and around 42 in 3... worked in research... honestly... just get a decent competitive gpa 3.75+ and try and to learn how to learn and approach novel situations, othing you learn will be relevent in 20 years, and rote learning is extremely common, synthetic thinkers are more in high demand, i guess the intj mastermind type, which you typically see adhd people tra
  9. I'm pretty multi-dynamic, I like all sorts of people.
  10. lol, i loved my independent studies supervisor, pretty chill guy, made you do work though, but honestly fun place to work in.
  11. hyper-vigilant and hyper-resilient due to vicarious extreme ptsd on numerous occasions, depersonalization secondary due to a visual condition which facilitated the verbal cognitive processes, and which contributed more to the point where you get to c-ptsd. i don't care about being smarter than anyone tbh, i prefer listening to people smarter than me if i can find them... i just know a lot of stuff to protect myself or anyone i perceive as being helpless from being victimized, rather than to protect against feelings of inadequacy. i don't think i'm especially special in the sense people sho
  12. you'll see nuanced differences in what will provoke narcissistic behavior though, they're actually pretty easy to spot the differences in, one is by far more ego-syntonic... you'll also see narcissism used in defensive ways in certain circumstances, in others brutally oblivious almost delusional self indulgent belieef completely unaware that they aren't in fact as i'd call special...
  13. i have a feeling gps will have more of a health manager role in the future, just a thought
  14. practice and feedback make perfect
  15. mmm, there's more naive narcissism, compensatory narcissisism, narcissism derived from anxious avoidant attachment which relate more to competance and inter-personal functioning... lacking dependence really... the literature is rather dense
  16. my hyper-empathy and complex ptsd regarding vicarious and secondary trauma make me hyper-vigilant with regard to protecting the interest of people i feel are vulnerable to predatory behavior, i'm not narcissistic rally, i talked to a homeless man for an hur yesterday, great conversation... in fact to have the sort of verbal fluency, crystalized and fluid intelligence i do you have to go through almost extreme masochistic devotion to learning, which for me was never borne out of purpose, ddr4, comt, psychogenomics, philosophy, law, economics, literally everything... you don't get this unless yo
  17. not essential services... not at all... the cpsa has a lot of good material on this kind of stuff
  18. complex trauma can cause depersonalization too. i was like that for a period, but for most of my life i've been hyper-empathic... classical narcissist... in this society yes... but it's context driven... i actually love to be wrong, love to be challenged by a mentor, pushed to new levels, the empathic tendencies also aren't very narcissistic, as is the insight that while i'm freakily statistically deviant in innumerable experiences, characteristics, abilities, i also have extreme weaknesses, scary bad short term memory, probably mildly borderline, impulsive... i do sometimes think that peo
  19. blue green with brown black or purple/red/green random dyed hair sexiest personality trait to u?
  20. Yeah, exactly, most doctors deserve what they make, some a lot more, since let's be serious, you're not finishing a difficult residency where we can objectively backtrack and see your errors. The thing I laugh at now is psych can be backtracked, and honestly, I just laugh at it at this point, because the discipline shoots itself in the foot, psych could be one of the highest paid disciplines period, shatzberg I think, I forget, him or Nemeroff, theoretically figured out Ketamine for depression in the early 80's, I can get down to the level of talking about how to alter different atoms to chang
  21. True, and I feel the same way about the fact that corporations are treated as legal entites, when there's such gross neglegence to obviously constitute malignant intent, or careless risk to such an extreme extent that you bankrupt people, you should face criminal charges, period. That's a different issue though, lol
  22. oh, that's so so seexy, seriously, i was actually just reading about this quite a bit, there's a reversable maoi, moclobemide which works in some people. After I started reading about how much of a basis in neurology and biology we had in trying to treat psychiatric disorders I've been fascinated by it to the point where I can't stop reading about it, and want to do the neuropsychology with a masters in psychpharm route now so i could just have the same ends doing behavioural neuro in the states but get to do research on biofeedback, im also insanely interested in genomics and the dynamic inte
  23. It's simple, you're job has consequences, people's lives are in your hands, the fact that you got a 4.0 in your BSc doesn't mean anything. If you want to get paid equivocally in dollar value to what people in non non billing code, unionized disciplines make (I call it the real world) you should be in the same percentile of excellence as the latter would be in their discipline, there's no such thing as CEO school, there's get the job done if you want the good pay. In medicine, it's moreso to me, because people suffer or die, if you dont know everything, ask my five friends who've commited suici
  24. my psychiatrist topped 700 k one year, only 300 public billing, and she works crazy hours, on average she does around 400 k or so, around 200 k - 250 k or so from the gov. honestly, she just does private work because she spends 2.5 hours with people and will only build your typical one hour session, but yeah, there's innumerable private means of earning substantial income in certain specialties. Even clinical psychologists have a forensics post doc or a neuropsych post doc can make 500 k doing legal work if theyre sharp, 60 percent comming from the latter, in addition to assesment. You can als
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