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    to be fair, i hate explaining how melatonin is an invaluable treatment for meth, ecstasy overheating (on a molecular basis), how n-acetyl-cysteine works for ocd and tricotilomania to the antiporter basis, how SAMe is good for ADHD to a chemistry basis, which requires knowing how mao-b, SAMe, the DAT1 transporter and COMT work in conjunction to degenerate catecholamines. i can go on and on and on for hours, literally, not as self indulgent ex posse, but as necessity to illustrate the fallacies of painting things broadly, and how such an approach may cause one to refute viable treatments without investigation... so ketamine is horse tranquilizer, and magnessium is useless, well actually, the prior is an irreversible nmda (ionotropic receptor) and ampa (metabotropic receptor) antagonist... memantine, used in alzheimers, is the priors reversable antagonist, with no antidepressent effects, probably because irreversable antagonism of ampa results in kinesins bringing increased ampa receptors to presynaptic glutamate binding sites via increased nuclear trancription from downstream signal cascades... it's also a pediatric anesthetic... im not defending homeopathy as a whole, rather challenging ideological skepticism... everything i've mentioned has clinical trials... magnessium, is also a nmda antagonist, with a u shaped curve, very good for migraines too... and b6 and zinc to iron ratio... i literally can explain the relevance of each to adhd in extreme depth, as well as say inositols effectiveness in depression (shoot, it's a second messenger in serotonergic cells, and has over 15 clinical trials (paradoxically, like magnessium, lithium is a cofactor for a fourth messenger, which eliminates the signal cascade of tri and penta-phosphatidylinositol often implicated in manic phases of bipolar) weird eh.
    most homeopathy is bunk, but i dispute the fact that dismissing most of homeopathy is productive, rather, a critical approach to each modality of treatment seems more fruitful... and to the person who sais biochemistry is useless... in generalist disciplines i agree, but in dealing with things requiring novel solutions because of their rare and complex nature, such knowledge is invaluable, again, generalizations are good for some things, probably most, but generalizations are deleterious and paralyzing if you generalize their applicability to everything.
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    muse87 got a reaction from heydere in Watching your future kids grow up?   
    Psych's far more chill than most other specialties, but it is university dependent... overall though, after rotating year you'll be working half the hours as your surgeon buddies.
    I can tell u about u of t's psych program, standard rotating first year (will depend on the service you're on (emerg, neuro, etc) with 3 months of psychiatry (approximately 45 hours per week, plus 1/8 call, however this 45 hours includes protected psychotherapy training on thursdays, so you work less than 45 base). Second and third year is the same, except all psych. Fourth and fifth year is about 42-45 hours a week with 1/15 call (seriously!). Ridiculously humane residency!
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    muse87 got a reaction from northernnurse in Success Stories- Non Trad Style!   
    Wow, congratulations... you're experience mirrors my k-12, i'd get 50 average, then 90 next term... i was really fortunate in undergrad... since i'm pretty socially irreverant, i'd walk around and study, all these techniques that i evnetually learned you're supposed to use when you have adhd... i just did it because i couldn't study in any other way... it's almost like i serendipitously adapted my life to adhd in undergrad unknowingly, when i got a comp diagnoses, it was like someone was following me and knew all my habits... seriously that creepy how similar compensatory behaviours were to my everyday routine
    i also picked up a lot of other things with planning, organization, exercise... the meds are a huge help... after diagnoses... i remember getting called stupid by like 5 high school teachers, lol... i guess my saving grace was my oppositionality... but it's good to hear adhd is actually being recognized and people are realizing their potential after diagnoses, congrats!
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