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  1. Ok, reading that comment on the blog calmed me down a bit...As to my uncle's friend, my best guess would be that it's just miscommunication
  2. Yeah...I have no way to verify that because I personally don't know that friend of his
  3. so...my uncle called to ask me about my status because his friend's son just got invited to interview
  4. I think in UBC they do give out both AQ and NAQ scores even for partial file review rejects
  5. Hi there! I think that really depends on the school that you are applying to. Some schools have pre-requisites before application and so those courses would also be counted toward the overall gpa...But yeah, do ask the school admission office to make sure. All the best!
  6. I completely agree with you on that point. My SO is doing his undergrad up in the north and he, too, has the intention of returning to and working in PG. The problem is that he's interested in internal medicine but the northern program only offers rural family medicine for its residency program. This basically means he'll have to complete his residency somewhere else after he graduates. If the government is so inclined to retain graduates in the north after the 4-year program, then the school might need to really add in the fact that only people who are seriously interested in rural family pra
  7. Haha, yeah...Not an applicant for the last cycle but I am putting it together for 2016. But thanks for the best wish though! And thanks wananbedoctor, that's what I needed to know.
  8. Seems to me that it's a common problem across different nursing schools...at least this is the feeling that many classmates and I share at my school
  9. Thanks for sharing this actually! Do you know if it matters when I submit the request, or do I just send it anytime before the deadline?
  10. Well...I meant good wording as in accurate, succinct, straightforward and reasonable... I would hope that people still maintain a sense of honesty when they are describing their activities. After all, there is a chance that UBC will contact the verifiers and when the info from the applicant and the info from the verifier does not match, I doubt that it would reflect well on the applicant's integrity and character, especially as a potential MD candidate...
  11. I do agree that wording plays a huge role in determining a high vs. low NAQ. If I were you, I would use keywords (ie. any specific skills or professional trainings gained) that can best describe my roles/responsibilities in those activities.
  12. I doubt that there's a specific answer to that question, other than choose anything that your heart desires! I mean, there are different reasons for you to take electives. Either you have a genuine interest in those subjects and you are committed to doing well, or you are only using them to boost up your gpa, in which care you wouldn't really care if you like them or not, but more so that you can ace the exams. It seems to me that most, if not all, medschools don't really care what you take as electives as long as you do well in them.
  13. That would depend on the number of credits that the medschool admission office deems as a "full workload". Most nursing schools nowadays that offer degree programs are credit based, especially if they are universities. But I do agree with the idea of sending emails to all the medschools that you are interested in applying, at least you will have a better picture of what to expect and how to make the best out of your situation.
  14. Hi Immy! I am not sure how the grading system is like for the accelerated nursing program of your choice, but I am positive that, if you received percentages or letter grades for your nursing courses, and it is a degree program for nursing science, then you should be able to use those grades towards your application to medicine. The pass/fail components for nursing schools are more for clinical practicum, but the practice components are always attached to a theory component, which together would make up a course. For example, for maternity nursing, you will have lectures on theories and
  15. I think so too. I doubt that they'd "discard" the mcat component altogether because they state (on the website) that "all aspects of the applicants' files are looked at" for post-interview. The Admission's response to the MCAT component: "The posted MCAT requirements are a minimum threshold which must be met in order to be eligible to apply to our program. So everyone who is being evaluated must at least have attained these scores. As we have said, we will not be looking at the MCAT further pre-interview. However, given how competitive this process is, applicants should review our stati
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