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  1. If you came into some money (about $5000) would you use it to pay down your LOC while in med school or save the money for when you need to pay back OSAP after 6 months of graduating med school? sorry if this is a stupid question - I'm not one that is too familiar/smart with finance lingo etc. thanks.
  2. What are the opinions out there on Littmann Classic II S.E .for med students? I have one currently and am wondering if I should try to get rid of it now and get one of the other two stethoscopes mentioned in this thread. Thanks
  3. Thanks for all the advice and information! I was more just asking that if my family books something and I had a chance to try and arrange electives surrounding this so that I could attend, well that would be great. If it does not work out that I can go on the trip oh well! Thanks again
  4. From what I understand, we get 1 week off in the summer after 1st year. Is this 1 week off the same for everyone? Or does it depend on each person's electives? The reason I ask is because my family is planning a vacation and I was wondering if I would be able to schedule my electives around the week that I would be travelling? Thanks!
  5. I have a quick question I would like an answer to (given that the rep I am dealing with is currently out of office for the next few days). I got a quote from Scotia that I would have to close my TD Visa in order to receive a LOC from them. I am going with Scotia as the TD rep quoted me at above prime and refused to bargain. Does anyone know why I would have to close my TD Visa (Limit of $1000 on this Visa) in order to get a LOC with Scotia? I am receiving the Scotia Gold Passport Visa along with my LOC at Scotia. Sorry if this is a stupid question. I forgot to ask it along with a
  6. I used Canada Post. The signatory name was "B UOT" and when I view the signature it is "uoft mail room." Does anyone else have this? I did have "room 2135" as listed on the utmedadmissions blog website.
  7. Does anyone know if we can hand in our packages in person at any time (ie is there a dropbox that one can access outside of the 9am-5pm office hours)? Or do we need to hand it in during office hours? Thanks
  8. I filled out the TRF over two weeks ago but mine also shows that 0 are submitted. I can only see status of my LORs. If you click on the help button, it also says all MCAT scores will say pending until October 11. It also says under the help section, if you used the TRF you have fulfilled the requirements for sending your transcript. I hope that means they take care of it all and will update the status accordingly.
  9. I have received the email stating that my application has been submitted, and I also got the verification email this morning. When I log into my account, and go to "click here" beside the option to verify the receipt of my LORs, etc....it takes me to what looks like another home screen where it says I must enter my username/ouac ref # and password again :S Is anyone else experiencing this glitch? Thx
  10. For the supplemental grad application package, the application manual states "Graduate applicants must supply documented evidence of research productivity (e.g., abstract and/or first page of any published articles)" I am currently in a course-based master's program, but have abstracts, etc that are related to thesis work I did in my undergrad. Some of this research was presented /published after I had graduated undergrad and while I was already in my first year of my current master's program. Does anyone else know if this evidence of my research productivity would still "count", or i
  11. I will also add are you able to enter into medicine right after you complete your physiotherapy degree? I am aware some physio schools have placements that run until September and am curious how medical schools handle this (would you have to wait another year to apply, or apply for special consideration, etc) Thanks
  12. I meant physiotherapy, as in the professional 2 year master's programs. thanks for the feedback!
  13. Sorry to repost in another section of this forum, but I am just wondering if anyone knows any physio students who went into med after completing their master's in physio? Any advice/info on how hard it was to maintain a good GPA in physio, etc? Thanks so much!
  14. Just wondering if anyone knows of any physio students who went into med after they completed their physio degree? I am curious about how the physio students dealt with maintaining a good GPA throughout their studies (was it doable, etc?) Thanks!
  15. I was wondering if anyone knows what med schools allow you to apply to med while in the middle of a two-year master's program (such as gerontology, or even OT/PT) and if you get into med, they then allow you to leave without finishing the master's degree. I see from UofT's admission page they require you to be in your final year. However, someone told me Mac allows it but they require a letter from the committee, etc stating they know you are applying. Thanks!!
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