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  1. I am in a bind, I am accepted to another program (non-dent) which I need to confirm soon and on the WL at UWO. Do you think I should call UWO to see the odds of getting off the WL or just focus on plan B? Thank you
  2. Does anyone know if UWO does IP and OOP wait lists?
  3. So the general consensus would be not to enroll in anymore UG courses and focus on extracurricular and the MCAT? For those who had a similiar background as me and have made into med school, what things did you do to improve yourself? Any info would be great. Thanks.
  4. My 1st yr of the second undergrad I had a 3.97 (9 courses) and the 2nd year a 3.90 (11 courses). In terms of the low MCAT, I think I just did not study well enough for some of the sections (especially organic, which happened to be majority on the exam). Also had a 7VR.
  5. I am looking at applying to the US to broaden my applications but is it worth it? I have a cGPA of 3.28, with MCAT of 24 (will rewrite the 2015). My GPA trend is increasing over the years. My first undergrad was 2.8 and the second 3.93. Thanks for opinions.
  6. Here are some stats: MCAT: 24Q (awaiting for the MCAT2015) CPGA: 3.28 Undergrad 1: 2.8 GPA Undergrad 2: 3.93 GPA Work: Been working summer jobs since I was 11, mostly oilfield company jobs until university 1 summer research in a high end medical lab/ training of medic 1 year (ongoing) in a clinical setting, have own clients; working alongside, MD, PT and Psych 1 summer working at hospital health and safety Sports: played various sports throughout life, university intramural; currently involved in mens league ball hockey, go to the gym daily and play other sports regularly (golf mo
  7. So would it be worth the time/ money to go back to school for 1 year (3 classes/ sem) to boost cGPA or is it better to gain clinical experience (current job) and volunteer?
  8. I am from AB. I plan on applying to UBC, UofC, UofM, UOtt and Queens. I am also looking at applying to a handful of US schools but still looking into the process. I would apply to UofA however, they require a GPA of >3.3.
  9. Hi All, I am debating on taking 1 year of full time studies (3 classes per sem) at a local college. However, I am unsure if it is worth the time and would like to see what others would do or have done. I currently hold one degree in bio sci with a GPA of 2.8 and a second degree in kin with a GPA of 3.93. My overall GPA comes to a 3.28 taken out my worst year as most schools do now. So would it be worth the time and money to take 1 year of courses to increase my overall GPA? Thoughts? Thanks
  10. Hi All, I am just wondering if you would be able to give me some pointers at schools I would have a chance at? I am an AB resident with the following stats: -BSc. Bio. GPA: 2.81 -BSc. Kin. GPA: 3.93 -Cumulative GPA: 3.17 -Best 2 years: 3.93 -MCAT: 22 (7VR) I have some alright EC's, but I am lacking volunteer work, which I will be doing shortly, just filling out some paperwork. I am also currently working in the medical field. So what schools would I have a chance at (Can/ USA/ other)? Thanks for any advice.
  11. Hi All, I am looking at applying to US schools this year, I would like to apply to UCLA, Stanford, UofSF, UChicago. Is there any other schools that a Canadian might have better chance of getting into that is in the western part of USA? Or is the east the higher probability? Thanks.
  12. Can someone confirm for me that you only need "1" transcript from each school attended sent to OMSAS? You don't need to send any to the school directly correct? Thanks
  13. I (like others on here) had a rough start to my academic career. Mixed between bad study habits and a family inconvenience. I am looking for some thoughts on what you guys think on getting in a school in the near future. I will be writing the MCAT in Sept. I have completed one degree and will be finishing my second at the end of this coming academic year. GPA: 1st yr: 2.49 2nd: 2.86 * Yr 1 and 2 were completed at a CDN college 3rd: 2.36 4th: 3.12 5th: 3.3 * Yr 3-5 were completed at a CDN university 2 yr After degree 1st yr: 3.97 Do you
  14. I am just wondering if you can still apply to most of the schools if you write the MCAT in September (like 6th or 7th)?
  15. Does anyone know if its worth it to apply if you have a GPA just under 3.0 (like 2.9, 2.8,2.7)?
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