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  1. You don't need specifically healthcare related volunteer experience. Anything is fine. Your GPA is really good. If your MCAT goes well (especially CARS), you have Mac and Western which don't look at ECs.
  2. Yes do it for sure. BC is another one that's easy to get IP for. Alberta's good because the first year you become IP for UAlberta, and the 2nd year you become IP for Calgary if you didn't get in.
  3. How did you change your application to become more competitive the next year?
  4. Umm I wrote it once with just 1 week of studying haha. It was actually a good experience. You don't get your money back so I don't think it hurts to just go and wing it. I actually ended up doing pretty good on it but I realized with more studying I could do very very well. What schools average your scores? If your concerned with that, maybe don't take it. The score I got wouldn't hurt me because I was very confident in my science knowledge. Even if I rewrite it, I still don't feel like studying would actually help me. If I rewrite, the only section I will focus on is PAT.
  5. Hey, I'm doing a MPH. It could help your GPA if it's course-based but how schools incorporate graduate courses in your GPA calculation I'm not really sure. You should look into specific schools and how they consider graduate courses. The good thing about a MPH is that it provides you with a good career if medicine doesn't work or if you want to find work while you improve your application further. It also lets you do a practicum which is a pretty good experience. I think your ECs are actually pretty good. Just keep them up. Write the MCAT because Ontario schools have cut-offs
  6. Does anyone else find this difficult? Like, dentists just don't want you to shadow them. How are people shadowing dentists? Just calling them and asking, going to their office? All of them say no to me. Anyone have any contact information for a dentist near Toronto who lets people shadow them?
  7. I think Western and UofT let you use it for 2 years.
  8. Examkrackers 9th edition complete set and Princeton Review Psychology & Sociology (online tests not used). Excellent condition. I also have Examkrackers Verbal 101 and Princeton Review Hyperlearning (2011) that I can add in for $50. PM me.
  9. Did anyone take Kine 4450 Advanced Exercise Phys: Cardiovascular w/ Birot or Psyc 3490 Adult Development and Aging w/ Laurie McNelles? Which one is the easier A? b/c I have to drop one of them
  10. i don't think there is a jump in difficulty. i think both are easy. i think i actually preferred stats over research methods cuz it was more numbers based. but i guess for most ppl research methods is easier
  11. I know that UofT drops your lowest year as long its not the last year. For example, pretend these are my marks: first year - 4.0 second year - 4.0 third year - 3.6 all three years gpa is 3.87 if u of t drops the second year- the gpa is 3.8. would UofT take the 3.8 instead of 3.87?
  12. For UWO's GPA calculation, they use your 2 best years but does one of them have to be your most recent year (like UofT)? For example, say my third year is the lowest, would they just take my first 2 years? I'm going into fourth year in Sept.
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