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  1. Hello Iyin0991,

    Which US med school did you get accepted into? Did you retake your MCAT exam?




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    2. doug2008


      Thanks a lot. Is there any scholarship opportunities for Canadians in Meharry? Also, are Canadians considered as International Students?

      Thanks again and good luck with your studies!

    3. iyin0991


      I apologize for the late reply. The school is professional (med,dent phd) meaning they have no undergrad so they are  limited in their resources. But I do know that if you do well on your MCAT like 30+ (old scale) then you have higher likelihood of attaining a scholarship. There are some you can also apply for but as a Canadian you are limited. I hope that helps. I advise calling the financial aid office for more concrete information. Goodluck!

    4. doug2008


      Thanks and good luck with your studies! 

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