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  1. ^thank you for your reply. but i do have to say when you said "if this is all you can do"...does that mean that these EC's are not even close to being sufficient? (aside from the quality argument)
  2. thank you all for your responses. so i understand that if i dress this up real nice with what i have learned, skills etc. from my experiences, i should be golden but really, i love playing, coaching baseball...i have to work to pay for my bus fare the only real thing that i go out of my way for is 4 hours of hospital volunteering..
  3. I am a volunteer in a patient reception department and my job is to prep patients for surgery (i.e. changing them)... Does this count as volunteering for med? Also, if my EC's are this hospital volunteering (once a week for 4 hours), coach softball to kids 13-19 (4 years), play competitive Men's league baseball and work at local grocery... is this enough? --> i have ZERO research/ lab experience.
  4. do these course based masters count as masters programs if trying to get into med? or does it have to be research based? thnx
  5. average income for OT 59000 http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/eng/labourmarket/ojf/pdf/3143_e.pdf average income for PT 63000 http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/eng/labourmarket/ojf/pdf/3142_e.pdf all of this education, and the avg cop salary is more
  6. hey dongeo, can you talk a little bit about your experience in emergency room nursing... i am thinking about doing nursing and more specifically ER or OR nursing and wonder if you have any comments regarding those. thanks
  7. Immy

    RN to MD

    Thank you vita brevis! But just to verify, even with a pass/ fail component, it is still considered full workload?
  8. I am confused with this idea. If I have an undergraduate honours degree (U of T), and then do an accelerated program in nursing for 2 years...will I be able to use these grades towards applying to Medical School? I am confused with this idea of pass/ fail? Thnx
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