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  1. Registered for Sep 14 and looking for a study buddy throughout the summer as well! Msg if interested
  2. No consequences in not writing as far as I know. Nobody (any med school) would ever know that you even wrote it that day. I believe some med schools do look at/average your mcat marks, so it would be best to double check with all schools you are interested in applying to.
  3. Ok so for extra resources whats the verdict? NS108 vs. EK 101 Verbal vs EK 101 CARS ( I only have money to buy one)?
  4. So on your scrap paper you would write down the passage number at the top: Then break the passage down into each paragraph on your scrap paper and write a one to three word description of what that paragraph was talking about (very general) Do that for every paragraph, so if a topic comes up in one of the questions you can refer back to it.
  5. The BSAP program to my understanding was started by physician alumni, current students and other U of T faculty and staff to address the underrepresentation of the Toronto black/brown skin population in the UGME program. MedRock has outlined above the different factors (on top of SES) that students from this population face. The SES program you are suggesting sounds like a great idea and is of course an issue, maybe a group of current med students would be willing to lead that cause? I think an extra layer of difficulty has been added akin to the layer that was added with ISAP, and
  6. Can you please explain how an increase in black/brown skin students at U of T is correlated to a decrease in students from other underrepresented groups in comparison to non-black students taking those seats? Regardless of the race of the individual that takes the seat, it means less seats for all the other students, not just underrepresented groups. Unless U of T has some sort of minority quota that you are privy too, which I don't think is the case at all. Also black/brown people make up 8.5% of the Toronto population but much less than that currently in the U of T class (1/259 in the c
  7. I am a little bit confused because I thought your position was against having different forms of evaluation for different student groups? U of T's website even states that Grad applicants may/will be reviewed by a separate graduate application committee. So why do grad students need their own sub-committee? And why is that acceptable but the BSAP program seems to be an issue for some on this forum?? We also can't gloss over the fact that many students from disadvantaged populations cannot afford the time nor financial costs associated with doing a Master's/PhD degree as they come from low
  8. No problem, hope it helps and good luck!
  9. I do a very short passage map, while I'm reading the passage. This allows me to know where certain ideas where in which paragraph and then refer back quicker should the need arise. You should do this as your reading and shouldn't take up much of your time.
  10. Have you looked at the explanations to see why you are getting the questions incorrect? Is there any pattern?? Try to identify your weaknesses. For me when I first started it was missing tiny details that I read over in the passage to often or not slowing down to read the actual question stems.
  11. I disagree with your opinion on there being an "obvious leg up" provided to applicants who choose to apply through BSAP. With this implied notion, the same question could/should be asked of applicants who apply through the indigenous student application program? How about students who recently completed their masters being given a leg up?? What about students who completed a PhD recently??? The latter 2 of which have distinctly low wGPA requirements (3.0 cutoff) to gain admission to the UGME program at U of T. Historically low GPAs of sub 3.5 have been admitted to U of T's UGME for students wh
  12. I'm also writing late August. Sounds like a great idea and I'm in
  13. Thanks for the info, I wonder what is considered a "good" location
  14. Epi, are you starting a program this fall?
  15. I'm starting mine in September, whats up?
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