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  1. This is not true based on my experience. I am a neurology resident. While there are ways to bill a lot, I suspect psychiatrists work fewer hours for equivalent, if not superior, pay, with superior lifestyles. Internists can make a killing reading echocardiograms, and the turnover on their inpatient services is faster than a neurology service. If geriatricians don't bill a certain amount (I think 300-400k), the government tops them up to that level.
  2. I am glad this worked out for you. That sounded like a total nightmare and an insane amount of stress.
  3. Can a practice be sold without selling the corporation? Silly question - Let's say someone invested 100k in their personal corp in stocks or an all equity ETF such as VEQT, and that grew to 107k the next year. That 7k would count as a capital gain, and only 3500 would be taxed at 50 percent? Versus putting all of that 100k in bonds would result in interest income that would all be taxed at 50 percent? Thanks!
  4. I thought those doctors were selling their family health team spots. Not sure it works the same way for other doctors. Why would someone buy a psychiatry or rheumatology practice, for example?
  5. My understanding is that other people are able to sell their small businesses at retirement and receive 700-800k of that money tax free. Physicians cannot take advantage of this. I have questions based on this: Because doctors usually cannot sell their practices, what do they do with the money stuck inside their corporation? If the corporation continues to exist during retirement so they can pay themselves annually from it, do you still have to pay costs associated with incorporating? Does the CRA raise eyebrows if your corporation with zero revenue is paying out dividends and salari
  6. Interesting. Which hospitals have you seen this in, and on what services?
  7. Source? Edit: I should clarify. While there is little doubt that this career path is more readily attainable through a radiology or neurosurgery residency, I don't see why your training would be any better or worse once you entered the fellowship, regardless of your background being neurology, radiology, or neurosurgery.
  8. I thought it was a male doc. Were there 2?
  9. As an update to this thread - there are 3 neurologists I am aware of who are practising interventional neurovascular medicine. As mentioned above, there is one in Hamilton in addition to one at Trillium in Toronto and another who was recently hired in Calgary. I think Ottawa had a neurologist on staff for intervention as well at one point, but I'm not sure what happened there. I think that was several years ago.
  10. go to outline.com and paste the torontosun link to bypass the paywall.
  11. The government has once again agreed to arbitration for this upcoming Tuesday.
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