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  1. Hey guys, i was looking at the billing codes for Ontario, and CT abdomen is one code and CT Pelvis is another. So if a patient had a CT Abdo/Pelvis, would the billing be both Abdo + pelvis codes? Does anyone know the Professional fee for a CT abdomen/pelvis in ontario cheers
  2. Hey guys wanted to ask if anyone has had any experience with repatriation program. I have a three year internal medicine degree from US and need at least an extra year to be able to write the royal college. Has anyone tried and been successful with getting into a residency spot with the repatriation program?
  3. If you are in a community hospital In the gta as a GIM, how is the split of nights and day shifts?
  4. Hey there, Just wanted to reach out to people who have completed a US internal medicine residency, done their american boards, etc and want to come back to Ontario/canada to work as a GIM. I am planning to get licensed under pathway 3 and was hoping someone on this forum had some answers to questions 1) How do i find a supervisor? 2) What does finding a supervisor mean for work. Do I find a job first and then a supervisor who evaluates my performance ? Or do I work for my supervisor and see patients under him? 3) Is this 1-2 year under super vision paid?
  5. Does anyone have any insight (particuarly Ian Wong) on the liberals plan to cap passive investments at 50k per year? Does this soften up the blow or is it still very detrimental. At this point is it still worth incorporating as a physician?
  6. A-stark what program/university are you at?
  7. Hi BrendanJ, What would you say are calgary's strengths ? How about weaknesses? How do people do on the licencing exams?
  8. Hi rmorelan, In your previous post in the other thread, you had mentioned that some program directors you talked to ( I assume ottawa since you are a resident there ) hold UG transcripts in high regard and use it as the main selection criteria to determine if you get a interview or not. Having read this post from your PD, what are your thoughts on this?
  9. Do people usually put their undergraduate awards (Not undergraduate medical) on their carms application?
  10. Hey guys, I've heard from multiple people that UG transcripts were required for UofT's radiology program. However on CaRMs program description, I don't see that requirement. Can anyone who have been through this process before comment on the need for UG transcripts for UofT?
  11. I know the dates change every year. But around what time during the year do they make the selections? Or rather how many weeks is in post carms vs pre carms?
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