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  1. Ottawa, UDM, McGill, NOSM, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Calgary, Alberta, Queens, Western, Toronto , Mac, Laval, UBC, MUN
  2. All the schools are supposed to notify by tomorrow at the latest, so I guess we'll hear from everyone else then
  3. Did anyone hear from NFLD yet today? Thought they were going to email everyone today.
  4. I'm very confused about all the disability options mainly deciding between OMA and RBC. From my understanding: 1. OMA = Cheaper. Group plan so it could change and be less favourable in the future. As a resident will co-pay with PARO. 2. RBC = slightly more expensive. Contract between you and RBC so it cannot be cancelled or changed. What are other people doing?
  5. I emailed them today and was told they are sending out more offers/rejects tomorrow
  6. Depends on the program. You can always e-mail them.
  7. From what I've been told it really depends on the program. The general advice I've been given (and I'm planning to follow) is that socials following interviews are less important/also for big programs because they've usually made the decision prior to the social. Smaller programs and socials that happen prior to the interviews inform residents/staff that attend about fit. All being said the most important things are you application and your interview. I personally am not skipping interviews to attend socials. In my risk-benefit calculation it just isn't worth it. You 100% can't match at a pla
  8. Thanks. It was unclear from how they worded the email if you were only invited to one site, and the administrator is on vacation.
  9. Hey everyone, Does any one happen to know if Ob/Gyn offers at University of Saskatchewan for OB/Gyn are site specific? As in if you have an interview to only Regina or Saskatoon, but applied to both programs are you only being considered for the site you had the offer or are you being considered by both sites? Thanks!
  10. For programs that "only notify successful applicants" when should we assume we didn't get an offer? Does programs usually release offers in waves or only in one go?
  11. When I just checked on air canada it seems like one way tickets were the same price as the multileg. I guess just check when you end up booking.
  12. Does Dal normally send them all out at once or send rejections?
  13. Hey everyone, I'm sure this question has been answered before but I'm having difficulty finding the response. If you are conducting an independent research project for your 4th year thesis can this be included in the research section of the autobiographic sketch for OMSAS? Thanks.
  14. Hey so I was hoping to get some feedback on my chances for the upcoming cycle. I'm entering into fourth year. My main concern is that I was ill in first year and I had to miss school on advice of my phycisician. Due to the amount of time I was out I didn't feel that could do well in one course and dropped it. Due to this I have a less than a full course load in first year. I'm not sure if U of T will make an exception in this case. Also I've included that year as one of my two best years. My second year was very good except for one low mark (C+/2.3) that really lowered my average. Year 1
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