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  1. DAT is only good for 2 years I believe. After that, you'll have to rewrite.
  2. 1 year masters (public health?) so your DAT score doesn't expire?
  3. RBC in Toronto was offering subprime last year?? Was this specific to residents or all applicants? And are they still doing it this year?
  4. *Should* Owners can hire whoever the hell they want haha. It's like law firms only hiring from specific law schools, right?
  5. Keep in mind you'll be saving a lot more living/renting in London than Toronto. It all works out. Don't you worry. Not to mention these amounts you're worrying about now are pretty insignificant in the long run. Don't stress over them.
  6. They'll usually have makeshift cardboard dividers between the spaces
  7. Yep. Just remember to call the school's financial aid office and ask them to update your file with the number when you have it.
  8. Most schools use CDA which are pre-determined questions so they won't likely ask you about previous professional education. However, it's possible at schools that use MMI like McGill. Also, Western usually asks some non-CDA questions that supposedly aren't scored but even those seem to be randomly chosen from a list of pre-determined questions lol. Can't really speak to schools outside Ontario and Quebec. Also, pharmacy to dentistry isn't uncommon, I've seen it happen a lot. Dentistry to medicine also happens (more rare), but it happens and so does medicine to dentistry.
  9. I'm seriously thinking of just mailing in the declaration pages... it's been over a month and they haven't "received" my upload yet... wtf lol
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