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  1. Definitely played this on replay before my MCAT results came out. Guess I should continue tradition tomorrow. It's about 10 years now from when I discovered this forum...times flies by...Good luck everyone.
  2. A few schools have done this in the past and are doing it this year. But yes, it's the last year it's happening because apparently CFMS petitioned against it, so schools will know next year at the same time as the individuals. It's apparently to allow students time to process, make their way back from regional rotations, set up meetings with guidance counselors, etc.
  3. When I interviewed I definitely waited almost an hour to be called between my mmi and panel. I was not the last one to be interviewed. It happens because there's a limited number of rooms interviewing. You don't really feel the time going by, so don't worry about that! Lots of first years and other applicants around in the waiting room to distract you and have nice fluffy conversation with. And snacks! They take you straight from MMI to the waiting room so can't access anything.
  4. Hope I can help answer the mystery a little bit. There are about 80 new first years in the 2020 group, with the rest being upper years.
  5. Must have been an international applicant/student, otherwise you have to be Canadian. Both apply through OMSAS for Mac.
  6. The Americans we have right now have dual citizenship, so they're also technically Canadian. The incoming five won't have any type of Canadian citizenship.
  7. That theory is clearly debunked by the QuARMS class being 100% female this year and I remember Western's class a couple years ago was 70% male:30% female. Schools do not use gender in any way to make these decisions. Edit: I know how much it sucks to be on the waitlist and checking your emails/the forums every day just waiting to hear something. It's a tough road, but it will work out in the end! Good luck to everyone still waiting
  8. They won't be eligible for the CMG residency spots anyway, so no competition for first round.
  9. Every school does this (I mean no one says it but it's heavily implied). They know from previous years roughly how many will accept so they tend to over invite to be sure to get the top of their list.
  10. Normally once you get off the waitlist you have a week to answer (but this depends on the school and when in the summer you hear, i.e., if you hear back end of July you'll have only a few days). In the past some offers have been made before the May 27th deadline, but generally only the a few people. The reason most offers don't go out until after May 27th is because all schools overinvite and there's a bit of a lag between OMSAS telling the schools who rejected/accepted.
  11. It's more rare, but has happened in the past. Schools, not just queen's, who have a 'large' quantity of rejections before the 2 week mark will invite people early. This is to try and catch students before they accept another school.
  12. Unfortunately no, only NOSM really does this. (and Western to some extent with their "high" waitlist)
  13. For first years, the anatomy lab is prosected for you. A group of second-years ( about 10-12 students who demonstrated excellence in the anatomy course in 1st year) will be prosectors and do the dissections for the first-years. In first year, the research course is called CARL (Critical Appraisal, Research and Lifelong Learning) and it's basically a discussing research papers and how to properly evaluate the papers and determine if the statistics are well done/bias is present/etc. This course does continue a bit into second year. There is a research course in second year called Criti
  14. That's not true for Queens exactly. If you have the MCAT requirements, but not the GPA a subcommittee will review your application instead. [Marks for undergraduate years must be considered satisfactory or demonstrate a rising trend] http://meds.queensu.ca/undergraduate/prospective_students/graduate_students
  15. It's still early, so there will probably be a bit more waitlist movement. Remember that people who have chosen other schools don't always remove themselves from facebook groups until later in the summer.
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