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  1. No stress, le marché ddu logement n'est pas aussi compétitif que Montréal, et c'est pas mal plus abordable! Aussi, dis-toi que ton appart, ça va être juste pour deux ans, après ça à l'externat, plusieurs étudiant-e-s laissent tomber leur appart
  2. Awww t'es cute HumorousHumerus! Donc notre externat ne dure que 18 mois, comparativement à 24 (peu importe d'où tu viens!), et on commence en janvier de notre 3ème année (à l'opposé de juillet). Pour résumer notre parcours: 1ère et 2ème années = sciences cliniques par blocs de système du corps humain, 1ère moitié de 3ème année = unité multidisciplinaire (intégration des sciences cliniques), 2ème moitié de 3ème année et 4ème année = externat. L'externat dure donc du mois de janvier de la 3ème année jusqu'au mois de mars inclusivement de la 4ème année. On a juste une semaine de vacances à
  3. Various discussions happened at the CCME (that I attended!) and on Twitter as well (follow @CFMSFEMC and the hashtag #ccme16). Main concerns were: 1) Growing number of unmatched CMGs (48 this year!) 2) Decrease in the % of first choice for family med (from 38% to 36%)
  4. Sorry to hear that it happened to you... Previous posters offer valuable advice, and I do agree with them that the best step right now is to take a step back and to see what went wrong. In the mean time, although it would be more profitable for you to pursue research and to network within your specialty of choice, I would also recommend taking time for yourself. To explore hobbies you didn't know about, to meet people outside of your usual social circle, to travel to places you didn't know about... Just to see what other skills you have and can bring back into the second CaRMS match. As f
  5. Usually transfers are in the same school (or province if there's some sort of "faculty of medicine group" like in Ontario). Unfortunately no transfers are authorized if you matched in second round
  6. Your home school usually have faculty that are willing to help and support you through the scramble: if you're still interested in matching this year, meet up with them. They're aware of the spots that are left in their faculty and are willing to assist you in getting a spot in a program of your school. Unfortunately it's usually only family medicine, so if you don't like the specialty, it'll be a tough call. My big in medschool didn't match after two rounds, and he ended up matching in family in a remote city... Not exactly his choice/best fit, but he didn't want to try to wait another year.
  7. Congrats to you, it was a tough call! They had only one spot left after first iteration, and the team is simply amazing. You'll have an awesome time there!
  8. I love how people complain about matching to family. Geez, if you don't like it, don't apply, apply next year to your dream specialty and stop bitching.
  9. Lol If OP was trying to match in a competitive FM program, it makes sense. Admittance to any program isn't solely based on grades, but also on motivation, interest, and fit. Some FM can be selective given number of applicants (read: FM in urban centers). Some programs also rank applicants based on their apparent level of commitment to FM based on their file review and interview. Also, in Quebec, for French FM programs, there's only ONE single interview: no matter how many programs you applied to, the same score will be used to complete your file. So if you bomb that sole interview...
  10. Me too I'm confused... Aside from paperwork, apartment hunting is tiring. Any tips?
  11. Non, c'est une semaine en mi-juillet et quatre semaines en fin d'externat en quatrième année. Sinon on a toujours deux semaines pour les vacances de Noël.
  12. Gatineau is a much smaller city, but since you get to work with staff directly one-on-one, you'll get a much better LOR. And you get to do much more too! Clinical teachers appointed at Gatineau are known to the McGill people in Montreal as well.
  13. Yes you contact both programs, and the other candidate has to do so as well! Ideal situation would be that both candidates have applied to both programs and have been ranked as well.
  14. I contacted an interested person (matched IM Sherbrooke, willing to transfer FM anywhere). Will keep you posted!
  15. DM me, I've heard of similar requests! Apparently it's PD-dependent, so you need to contact the PDs of both programs (the one you're in, and the one you want to get into). Good luck!
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