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  1. I think it should be fine as long as you are in at least 5 courses each semester during your second degree.
  2. Nope I'm not in engineering, but I am going back for a second undergrad next year and am just exploring all my options. I find engineering interesting but I've kind of shut it out because I always hear that it is next to impossible to maintain a high GPA:confused: At least you figured it out by 3rd year! I didn't figure it out until after my degree was done, hence going back for another one! *sigh*
  3. Out of curiosity, where did you do your engineering degree? Did you find it extremely difficult to maintain a high GPA in a full course load?
  4. Would it be okay if you signed up for 5 courses each semester (say, between Sept-Dec.) but completed them at various times within the semester? Or do you have to complete all of the 5 courses at the end of the semester?
  5. Athabasca or Thompson Rivers University if you want to do them online. Otherwise, Ryerson is a good option. You could also take courses at York if you apply to be a visiting student.
  6. Does anyone know if the accelerated nursing program at Mac meets the requirements for med school --as in, full-time course load for two years? I'm looking into doing a nursing undergrad as my second degree and I can't seem to find Mac's curriculum on their website. Also, has anyone taken this program? Any info you can tell me on it? Was the marking highly subjective? Appreciate any info you can provide!
  7. Do you find that the material is too subjective to even be able to predict whether or not one could earn a high enough GPA for med school? Do you think the marks earned in a degree such as biology are FAR more easier to predict than nursing? How much subjectivity in grading is there really?
  8. Thanks Simpy. You're right. There is a Human Biology-Neuroscience program at U of T that I am interested in. I guess I wanted to see what others thought - others who would not have my personal biases influencing them - but maybe trying to avoid bias is not the best thing to do. I do firmly believe that I can earn strong enough marks in the human biology program, but there's that little voice in my head that wonders if I am being foolish for not choosing something that is seemingly easier.
  9. Hi Simpy! Thanks so much for your advice. I absolutely love your "thinking about a second undergraduate degree" thread.. I have read it a few times, great advice. I would actually far prefer to study a degree in life sciences than finance. The reason I asked the question is because I happen to already have a lot of finance knowledge and so am sure that I would have a far easier time getting higher marks in a finance degree. So should I study what I would prefer (human biology), or study what is more of a sure thing to land an amazing GPA (finance)? I'm asking this question mainly for argum
  10. Hi Livestrong! It's funny, we must have been writing our questions at the same time.. and we both used the question mark icon for our thread hehe Thanks for your response. I'm under the same impression, just want to make sure it's the going consensus!
  11. Firstly, I am so happy to have found this forum! It is very inspiring to see there are others like me out there I am trying to decide my major for my second degree and the school to do it at. I was planning to go to U of T since I live in Toronto and imo it is "the best" one here...but seeing as GPA is so important, maybe I should consider Ryerson since I think it is much easier to get higher marks at that school (again, in my opinion.. don't want to offend anyone!). Will med schools take into consideration where I completed my second undergrad? If I have a 4.0 GPA from U of T versus Ryer
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