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  1. Do you know if WL #12 was their original wiat list number or was there movement within the waitlist? Like maybe WL #12 originally was WL #14 (perhaps due to someone refusing a wait list spot)?
  2. I'm planning to write my MCAT mid-summer and I know that the best time to apply for US Med schools is around June. If I apply in June without my having received MCAT score yet, am I considered to be a candidate that applied in June or only when the MCAT score is actually submitted? Thanks so much~
  3. Hello! I am a prospective student to McGill university. My parents plan on moving to Quebec for a period of 2-6 months starting in the summer of 2012 (before my 2nd year). Would I be able to use this to my advantage to gain the special residency tuition by Situation 5: One of your parents or your sponsor has his or her main residence in Quebec? And after second year, Situation 11: You have continued to reside in Quebec even though your parents or sponsor no longer reside here. Many Thanks!
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