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  1. I don't believe there is a limit, although there are a few specialties which have been identified as having low demand (mostly surgical). They have issued J1 visas to those pursuing subspecialty fellowship in orthopedic surgery or cardiac surgery, even though those are renowned for having very limited job opportunities. If your intention is to stay on in the US after fellowship, I suggest looking into H1B instead.
  2. I think the average age in my class was 25-26.
  3. I've looked into this option myself so have some knowledge.
  4. Anyone worried about how Canada / Provinces will be increasing taxes in the near future to fund these government deficits? Our generation is already on the hook for a disproportionate amount of the government budget deficits. I can't be the only one worried about this. Anyone else considering the move to the US?
  5. Sorry to hear that. What was/is your alternative plan?
  6. From my understanding, Ophthalmology tends to be one of the only specialties which are more accepting to students who have gone unmatched in the past. Other competitive specialties like Radiology, Plastics, Anesthesia or Dermatology tend not to be as forgiving, isn't it?
  7. Got a few questions about LORs for CaRMS to get a successful match: 1. When should one ask for reference letters? From my understanding, it is immediately after each rotation/elective. If this is the case, do you request that they write he letter first, and hold onto them till you start your CaRMS application? 2. Would it be better to get a LOR from someone who you have done research with or someone from a different specialty of interest during rotations/electives? 3. For ROAD programs that allow up to 5 reference letters, would it be disadvantageous to submit only 3?
  8. What are your thoughts on this opinion piece? http://www.vancouversun.com/touch/opinion/op-ed/Opinion+Canada+shuts+door+Canadian+doctors+foreign+medical/9714934/story.html?rel=1515483
  9. So I am looking up at the profiles for the surgical specialties vs medicine and saw that they all have quite a lot of call hours. Do these numbers include home calls too? Also, what are the causes of the 20% overhead costs for medical specialties? Aren't hospital clinics paid for by the hospital? Thanks again!
  10. Is there a website or chart that shows the median hours of each specialty and their remuneration?
  11. Do the types of research matter for CaRMS matching, especially to the competitive specialties like Ophthalmology or Plastics? Clinical Trials vs. Basic Science vs. Epidemiology vs. Economic Analysis?
  12. Do you not realize that it costs almost 8 folds as much to go to one of those US schools than UofT? While I agree that those schools are indeed more prestigious, I do not think that it justifies the additional costs.
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