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  1. shouldn't necessarily be kicked out and made an example of they should adress the situation individually and try to understand what made him do this to jump to conclusions and judgements now is just premature. i don't like to assume either that he could have simply seeked attention. oftentimes, the worse one feels, the less they are able to seek help.
  2. I suggest you try doing what you really want to do (finance) and then apply to med later if it doesn't work out. You'll be bored in medicine and feel like you're wasting your time.
  3. sometimes the problem is permanent...
  4. That is admirable. I hope that you're able to pull this off. Another advantage I thought of this was that the patient, because they're dealing with an MD whose services are covered by Canadian health insurance, need not shell out hourly sums for counselling. I had thought about this while thinking that if I became a psychiatrist, it might be useful for my patients to have a psychologist in the same office whose salary I would partly cover. Fantasy, now that I think about it, given the salary of a psychologist. However it need not have to be a doctor of psychology, just like a psychiatrist who
  5. Why do you want to prescribe? Just like in some cases psychotherapy only reshapes or hides an existing problem that would be fixed with prescribing meds, the reverse holds true as well. See, I see why one would want the power to prescribe on top of being able to do counselling. But, I have a fear that as doctors, we might not always be able to do a fine job in the counselling department. This is so for lack of education and training in this area and many times just for lack of time..
  6. http://www.personalitypage.com/html/INFJ.html The Protector
  7. And before you ask, the CAF (confidential assessment form) and the LOR (letter of reference) are sent TOGETHER, no matter what the confusing information you read say at different points (some schools extend LOR deadline but don't mention CAFs- rest assured, if the LOR deadline is extended, so is the CAF's). CAFs act as a cover page for your LOR, as it were. It contains all the official info about you as an applicant in the OMSAS system that your referee would not be able to reproduce him/herself.
  8. There's a lot to chew on in this post. Good stuff. I just wanted to respond to two things. You praised Quebec's system. I just got rejected from McGill thinking I would be a shoe-in before the application process started. I thought I was short-changed by their criteria (80% MMI). Indeed a hybrid system like Queen's might have prevented me from falling through the cracks. I realize that there are many factors leading to every rejection though. Either way, schools try to save money and time and one cannot ignore the fact that McGill got 2500 applicants last year. I'm sure they take applican
  9. The medical schools are taking the issue of post-secondary education rates for aboriginals in their own hands. Should they? Not sure. Is the goal to make more aboriginals part of post-secondary education? There's always the issue that an aboriginal student might be less likely to be as qualified on paper as a white student, yet have better aptitudes or potential. So a skewing in the aboriginal student's favor might be useful and just there. Really, though, in the end, I get the feeling med schools don't give a ****e about the people they reject, and then have the nerve to speak of jus
  10. Indeed, but there's likely a rights issue here. If I have been pardoned for a crime, my future employers should not necessarily know that, given that it will probably affect their judgment of me in a negative way: a pardon reinstates my rights as a non-criminal. But as for working in vulnerable sectors, I guess they do want all the information they can get. Of course, there is still the same rights issue here, and for that reason, I think that the office that is hiring/admitting you would, because you've been pardoned, handle your case on an individual basis rather than outright reject yo
  11. The standard good conduct certificate checks your criminal record whereas a vulnerable sector screening can also check for things you've been pardoned for. This is the explanation I have received. Anyway, I let the office know that my screening will arrive late.
  12. Is a vulnerable sector screening check included in the normal criminal record check? I did the second without knowing that we had to do the first.
  13. Btw, is the bus pass included in our school fees? I seem to have seen that somewhere but was not sure.
  14. Well I am in London. I'll be living on campus the first year, so unfortunately these places might be far (however I think we have a bus pass included with our tuition?). But it might be nice for the Windsor students to share restaurant suggestions for there as well.
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