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  1. It does not matter how other people do - as long as you get a 226/400 you pass. With the mean set at 250, you have to do slightly better than under 1 SD from the mean. Basically, don't fret, you'll be fine.
  2. The prestige of specialty medicine is absolute nonsense. No one is gonna applaud your efforts for lysing some adhesions at 3 AM, it's all in your head. The ego is a dangerous thing and has tricked many people into pursuing a career that they did not think long about. I'm obviously biased but for me, getting proper sleep and have a normal routine trumps any amount of added money or prestige that a 5+ year program would offer. You work like a dog and become a slave to the hospital - no thanks.
  3. It won't be a challenge if you prioritize it. Finishing medical school in a few weeks and I've been more dedicated to the gym and eating proper than ever before. Also stronger than I've ever been. I lift at least 4 times a week for about 1.5 hours and do 30-45 minutes of running on nonlift days. Maybe I just don't study as much as other people but I was able to do well all throughout medical school and clerkship. Always schedule lift sessions on weekends because you have more of a buffer then.
  4. Make a giant pot of chili on the weekend in a slow cooker. That's my lunch most days. Postworkout usually chicken and rice or potatoes or some combo of stir fry. Black coffee in the mornings until noon. Eating healthy is super simple, just need to monotonize your diet to a certain degree and drink lots of water.
  5. Sent the MSFAA plus photocopies of SIN and driver's license to the National Loans address, they received it and confirmed on the OSAP website. Would not let me upload the declaration pages so I went to the Western Financial Aid Office and dropped it off there.
  6. Had a 3.16 freshman year - got into Western this year. Definitely doable. The weighing formulas will help drive your GPA into low 3.9s if you can get near 4.0. Marks aren't everything, just remember that.
  7. Thank you. Yes my first choice was London campus and so when a spot opened up, they called me to confirm if I wanted to switch.
  8. Got an offer for the London campus today. Someone above me on wait list must've just dropped their offer completely. So at least one spot has opened up at Windsor campus.
  9. Wondering if theres any chance of somehow getting in to the London campus? Lady on the phone said it happens, where someone just declines their offer and they would call me.
  10. Date & Time: June 1, 2015 at 3:37 PM Result: Accepted off high waitlist (Windsor campus) Best 2 years GPA: 3.96 + 3.88 MCAT: 10/11/12 (third write - first two were sub-30) ECs: Couple of exec positions in clubs (key may have been long-term commitment), intramural sports, 2 years of research, piano and music theory education, hospital volunteering. Nothing too special but again, important to show long-standing activity in several areas. Interview: Went fairly well. I was comfortable and got the panel to laugh a few times while maintaining an air of seriousness and confidence. Establi
  11. I guess most of the initial acceptees were in favour of London campus. Seems like majority of high waitlist is slated for Windsor. Could be less wait list movement than usual this year.
  12. Just got the call - accepted to Windsor campus. Very surprised that all London spots have been filled. Nevertheless ecstatic! All the best guys!
  13. Yes but we don't know how many ppl that were initially accepted even chose Windsor for their primary campus. No way of knowing.
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