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  1. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 12:04 PM EST cGPA/wGPA: 3.52/3.82 [MSc GPA 3.89...not that it matters much] Year: 2.5 years post grad-school (MSc 2018) MCAT: 512: 127/130/125/130 ECs: Varied: long term and short term volunteering both clinical/non clinical settings/orgs. Varied work experience -lots of experience with vulnerable populations through non-profit/NGO positions locally and internationally. Ethnic community involvement. Op-ed writing, poster pubs, 1st place case competition, a few academic/community involvement awards and also included my hobbies re: language learning, runn
  2. Hey ...thanks for the reply @bearded frog... it gives me some good food for thought. I guess I should get serious about trying to improve that GPA with some undergrad courses and potentially even re-take the MCAT to up those two sections -it could give me a better chance at Western too if I can meet the cut-offs. Thanks again for some feedback!
  3. Hi all, First time actually making a post and looking for some honest feedback/advice on my current situation. I am currently in my second Ontario med app cycle (I'm IP) and hit with my first R from Mac med this past week. A little bit about my background: I have an undergrad in Health Sciences from UWO w/ a cGPA of 3.52 (I know). I lacked the guidance and seriousness regarding pursuing this path at the start. Halfway through my degree I met a guidance counsellor that truly believed in me and saw my potential ... I worked hard and started seeing those 90s... even in courses that wer
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