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  1. Hey guys! I've been digging around and haven't found much regarding study material for LMCC part 2. For part 1 it was pretty simple: TO notes and qbank questions. What do you guys suggest for part 2? The exam is in a month and unfortunately I'm on night float the entire month haha! Will have all the weekends free for studying though. Are there any particular sources that are recommended? OSCE practice question sets? Thanks for the responses
  2. Big year for McGill... We had 5/5 matches to plastics (2 at uoft). Everyone matched into gen surg (10+ people and 3 at uoft). ENT again 5/5 (2 at uoft). Ortho was perfect match rate too (7/7). Uro 3/3. Etc... The only place where it went wrong was derm with too many applicants for way too few spots (2 matches /approx. 10 applicants). Though I don't really know more than 4 people that went unmatched. Congrats to everyone on their matches regardless! And good luck on second round if it's begun?
  3. Yep I obviously had a core CTU rotation and did quite well (also will have a good letter from staff there). As far as electives go, I've done 2 electives in the realm of immunology x4 wks each (e.g. allergy/immuno, and rheumatology).
  4. Hey guys just had a question regarding internal medicine. I believe I'm a pretty competitive applicant with good clerkship evals and I've just decided I want to apply to internal medicine. I think I will have decent LORs too. However, so far I only have two internal subspecialty electives and I was wondering if anyone has matched at any of the large IM programs with only 2 subspecialty electives and no CTU/ICU exposure. Thanks
  5. Hello fellow premed101'ers. I have a question regarding derm. I've been interested in derm for quite a while (since first year) but was always thinking that I would end up going into IM instead or gen surg. That being said, I became quite sick (developed a chronic illness) halfway through med school and it made me reconsider my life. Thankfully, I am doing better now and I would rather have a residency that tends towards fewer hours and less call. That being said, I'm 4 months away from finishing 3rd year and have yet to book electives in derm (all booked in IM). I have one elective that is
  6. Do you mean by mail or something? I think McGill does it electronically only lol. It's better for the environment In my case I never received an official letter of acceptance from McGill.
  7. Applied once and got in to 3 schools. Decide on McGill. I'm not sure I could have stomached applying twice.
  8. SCHOOOOOOLED! But seriously, why in the hell did you shadow for 86 hours... I mean I'm in 2nd year med and even I don't have that much time shadowing doctors (and I don't think I need it either). I mean what do you do when you are shadowing this doctor lol? I guess 2-3 hours or maybe more can be accounted for by simple curiosity, but after that, there's not much else for you as a premed to do.
  9. My cardio III destroys my ears. I have tiny ear canals... No joke, I can't even use my iphone earphones cause they keep falling off.
  10. No trailer yet. Was announced a week ago and there's still very little information about the game except for the fact that it's going to be released in Q1 of 2012.
  11. lol believe me... our tuition is MUCH MUCH less than elsewhere in Canada.
  12. BF3, Skyrim, Heroes of Might and Magic, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Diablo 3, DotA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Brb, failing 2nd year of medschool.
  13. I have a comment regarding the work hours. You do realize they don't work for surgical specialties, do you?
  14. Haha, if your in disguise and I pick you, it would feel more like an episode of Punk'd lol
  15. Ya I mean like you said, I've seen people exaggerate to the point of practically inventing the whole thing lol but I highly doubt someone is as crazy as to lie about an entire fake trip to Africa. I can lie as well as I breath but always remember that the strongest lies are built on foundations of truth.
  16. 1) Open my own little bakery somewhere in the south of France. 2) Have a villa with with a good amount of land so that I can plant myself a majestic garden. 3) Randomly pick a homeless person and turn their life around. Ahhhh many things I would like to do in life, but only one life in which to do them.
  17. Exactly... you have to remember that you were near a complete retard too when you started walking the hospital wards. The difficult thing is to differentiate between somebody who lacks experience (like most young clerks do), and somebody who is incompetent and acting inappropriately in a situation that he or she has been trained to handle. EVEN THEN, you don't corner that person and start insulting them; rather, you provide constructive criticism and feedback. Unfortunately, many people are simply pricks and there's nothing you can do about that. Once that ignoring thing happened to me too
  18. Eh... if I was in that room, I would have kicked them out so fast their heads would spin. But then again, it all depends on your level of authority. As a medical student you have much more authority than say a person who is simply volunteering at the hospital and is doing friendly visits. I must admit I have a strong hate towards people that try to convert others to a certain religion. It especially gets to me when these "zealots" target vulnerable people such as the elderly gentleman you mentioned in your post. To be honest, I don't even know if those people had the right to be there in t
  19. Drowning ANY DAY of the week lol What's your favorite brand of potato chips? (I wuv my chips)
  20. I'm not surprised at all either... We have a bunch of rules and whatnot but we don't enforce them. People have to be willing to spare those few extra seconds to take the appropriate precautionary measures. I mean just check how many people enter a room without gowns when they are required, or they simply put them on without tying them at the back so that the gown just falls off half the time.
  21. ^ lol true that... I was rocking my manly handbag until they gave us these bags. They're pretty neat. I can't imagine how useful such a bag would be for drug dealers. They have so many compartments and are comfortable too lol.
  22. lol vegetarian - vCJD... more likely: vegetarian - anemic
  23. Basically this. Annddd this: Procedures also mean more risk and stress, which is why I'm not in a procedural based specialty.
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