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  1. Does McGill give extra points for graduate students or does it not matter at all?
  2. I'm sure this question has been asked in the past but how does McGill look at MCAT for OOP applicants? Does it help if you scored high? What if you don't submit it because it's relatively low but your GPA is high
  3. It seems odd how this year they only seemed to go through first interview score and very few of the second
  4. Anyone heard/know of anyone who's had two interviews in Toronto? I've only heard of cases where they have one interview one year and next year they don't get one...
  5. I had an interview at Toronto this year, but got regrets. I understand their essay topics change, but I feel like they will still have the same ABS essays for next cycle. What do you guys know about reusing/resubmitting those essays? Does the adcom look badly at that?
  6. Just called, a big batch will come next week. I think only a small portion went out because chantal was out of the office
  7. If a student is in a first year of professional school, e.g. dentistry, pharmacy, etc, are they allowed to apply to medicine or since it's treated like another undergrad, one has to be done at least 3 years before they can apply?
  8. good call. lol it might just be a range of interview scores per category....
  9. Of what year is she basing that stats off? If it's back in her day when she was a medical student, I would say things are a lot different these days
  10. it was in the 2014 booklet. Do you mean they'll move it for next cycle?
  11. It says in the OMSAS booklet that those you already have a masters is given +0.01 and those with phd will be given +0.04. Is this for GETTING an interview or after the interview process? Also, I don't understand what this extra point means. Is it like GPA? so going from 3.9 to 3.91 for masters and 3.9 to 3.94 for PhD?
  12. Confirmed: called again. this year again there is "ONE" wait list, but TWO different emails that were sent out. She said she can't give the number of movements because it varies year to year. She did say however that although there is one waitlist "if you read between the lines" there is the good and the bad
  13. I didn't ask about rejections. The only information I got was that this year there is just one waitlist.
  14. Just called admissions office: confirmed - theres only ONE waitlist
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