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  1. Would really appreciate any help in resolving conflicting interview times and dates school interviewing at: Saskatchewan specialty: Psychiatry current interview date: March 17 date would like to switch to: March 24th school interviewing at: Dalhousie specialty: Psychiatry current interview date: March 11 date would like to switch to: Any other date but preferably the 22rd or the 12th over the 23rd.
  2. Hi everyone, Currently, I'm interested in psych and derm, but I haven't completely ruled out family medicine yet. Reading the CaRMs website, most of these programs want diversity in their electives. However, how do you balance showing interest in the program by taking the max number of electives in one specialty (8 weeks) vs having diversity in electives? For the 20 weeks of electives we are allowed, I'm thinking of taking 6 weeks in each of psych and derm, 4 in family, and 2 weeks IM and 2 weeks emerg, or 4 weeks emerg. I would still enjoy a short rotation in IM or e
  3. Updated the schools I am waiting to hear back from. The Excel file I used to keep track of the schools wasn't quite up to date. So just waiting from UBC (after interview), Kimmel and Wayne State (both pre-interview). Still waitlisted from Stony Brook post interview, and SUNY pre-interview I read about medical ethics (CMJ, Doing Right), healthcare issues (White Coat Black Art, Canadian Health Policy in the News, books by Dr. Atul Gawande, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts by Dr. Mate), First Nations issues, and determinants of health (took a course). Also prepped in groups at UBC. Got
  4. Average x 2 years leading to rejection. Below average for one year, but led to waitlist strangely...
  5. Oh shoot sorry everyone I think I wasn't really clear: I only got an interview from UBC and this is my fourth year getting an interview and being rejected x 2 and waitlisted then rejected x 1 afterwards. Other schools that say waiting from (eg. McMaster, Kimmel, Wayne) I am waiting to hear back for an interview
  6. Just thought that I'd have no chance with my GPA. cGPA is like 3.7 or 81%.
  7. This was my fourth interview at UBC.... it's getting hard to stay optimistic just based on past results
  8. Hey everyone, After applying to many Canadian and US schools as a Canadian (BC resident) this year, I am back at square one to map out my future plans. Here are some options I have considered. Please correct if any of my pros/cons are wrong: 1. Work in Yukon, NWT, or Nunavut for 2 years (assuming I find a job there), become in-province for Sask, Manitoba, Ontario, and Alberta, take MCAT 2015 and apply 2. Go for a MSc/post-bac/second degree, increase my GPA (not guaranteed of course), apply 3. US DO a. Pros: 70% match rate in US vs 50% match rate for IMGs b. Cons: n
  9. Hi everyone, Does one need to resubmit reference letters this year if you got rejected last year? Would like to minimize the # of times I bother my referees.
  10. So I called MUN the other day, and they said they still don't have strict cutoffs even for OOP. But they suggested 3.7 and 10's on all MCAT section to be competitive...But they do only take like 5 people in a 70 people class. I think the lady said 350 OOP's applied last year. Thoughts? Year 1: 28 credits, 3.82/4.33 without summer, 4.33/4.33 in that summer semester summer Year 2: 33 credits, 77.5% without summer, about 75% that summer Year 3: 28 credits, 78.8 without summer, nothing that summer Year 4: 30 credits, 80.2% without summer, 9 credits of 94.5% average that summer Year
  11. Hi guys, How does being of a low socioeconomic status affect your competitiveness? On one hand, med schools love diversity and most applicants come from middle to upper class backgrounds. But on the other hand, wouldn't the schools want to know that you can afford the education as a foreigner who's not eligible for a lot of subsidies/scholarships available to US citizens?
  12. Thanks for your input! What do you think about the fact that they can ask you anything from the primary or the secondary application? The secondary is asking what's your most significant volunteer and clinical experience. Of course, I put my most significant experiences in the primary already and even marked them as one of the three most significant experiences. So if I put some other experience that's not one of my most significant ones for the sake of putting a different experience compared to the one I put in primary, what if they ask me about this less significant experience instead a
  13. Hi guys, Are we able to reuse what we said on the primary application on the secondary application? I guess ideally you shouldn't because then what's the point of having two separate applications if not for the secondary to cover what was not covered in the primary.. but it's hard to think of completely new examples from my life.
  14. Thanks everyone for your responses I'll call MUN and ask them what the OOP cutoffs are What are everyones' thoughts about McMaster and Queen's? For Queen's, seems like people who got invites with my GPA are those finishing up their MSc...
  15. Thanks for your reply . Yep, I'm looking at neuro or psych right now, with a small possibility of dabbling into research. Wow! Thanks for this very thorough information! Even admissions was kind of unclear regarding the visa/PR/citizenship issue LOL
  16. Thanks for your reply. Yep, I'm looking at neuro or psych right now, with a small possibility of dabbling into research.
  17. That's true and I intend to apply again this year to UBC. But I've also been rejected twice and WL'd once now. I really don't want to delay any longer in doing what I always wanted to do..
  18. Hey guys, Just want to clarify a few things after having read through various forum posts about international schools. After reading Premed101 and SDN, it seems like the UK (not sure about Ireland) is the best option for an overseas medical degree for people who only have a Canadian citizenship. From what I read, it is easy to acquire a work visa/become a PR/citizen in the UK when you go to medical school there, and your residency prospects are similar to those of UK citizens. They require UKCAT, high school, and college GPAs. Another option is Duke-NUS, but you have to be okay w
  19. I'd love to apply to Dal, but I don't meet the minimum 3.7 GPA for every year requirement . Thanks for your input though! What is the MUN GPA cutoff? I thought it was 3.7?
  20. Hey all, Thanks for your replies. I've narrowed the list down to MUN, U of M, U of S, and UBC. *Edit: MAC as well U of T and McGill will obviously be reach schools. I can't apply to Albertan schools or Queens because of the new MCAT requirement. Not sure if I can apply to Western, because my two "best" years with 30 credits from Sept to April had a GPA < 3.7 (I had 28 credits for two of my years, and a year with 30 credits which had 18 credits of pass fail because it was a practicum) U of T I think I qualify for GPA adjustment, but even then my GPA is like 84-85 at best. Side
  21. Hey guys, After third time of being put on WL/rejection from UBC as an IP, I'm considering applying to all Canadian schools. My question is, should I even bother applying even to the most competitive schools like Toronto or McGill? I'd greatly appreciate your feedback on how realistic my chances are in getting into those schools. Thanks! Stats: Full IB program grad cGPA: 82-83%; aGPA: 84-85%?; Prereq: 83% (Basically 3.7-3.8) MCAT: 28 first, 34 the second (11VR/12PS/11BS) Nonacademics: Graduated from a pharmacy program this year, 3 years in community pharmacy as an assistant, 1 month rotat
  22. Hey guys, So the fourth round has been announced, and I am starting to figure out my alternative plans for next year as I am still yet to hear back from UBC. My question is, how likely is one going to hear back from UBC at this point (speaking realistically)? On one hand, judging from the posts on this thread, it seems there were only 5 or so people accepted off the waitlist (since the first movement). There were ~6 rounds last year, and so we're 2/3 way through already. On the other hand, you always hear about people who were accepted like 2 days before class started.
  23. Hey guys, Thanks for your reply I applied to UBC only (IP) x last 3 years and been rejected x 2 and on WL x 1 this year. I plan to apply to literally all the schools in Canada this year. From what I read on SDN, I heard some schools rank students and give this info out to residencies/clerkships. So you're fighting tooth and nail to be one rank higher than your classmate, which fosters ridiculous competition (from my understanding of how the ranking system works anyways). As for the competition in general, yeah I get that med schools are competitive. But it's how they grade t
  24. Hey guys, Canadian pharmacist here applying to the states for the first time. Would greatly appreciate some feedback on the list of schools I have narrowed down to after a lot of searching on Premed101 and SDN. Also, I read schools that rank students, give letter grades, or percentages are not as desirable because everyone's competing against each other. Can anyone comment how "bad" these schools are? Stats: Full IB program grad cGPA: 82-83%; aGPA: 84-85%?; Prereq: 83% (Basically 3.7-3.8) MCAT: 28 first, 34 the second (11VR/12PS/11BS) Nonacademics: Graduated from a pharmacy program this year,
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