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  1. Hey guys, Just have a quick question regarding a few things: 1. On MSAR, it says primary applications are accepted June 7th, but if you go onto each schools' websites, it says application opens on June 1st. So when can we actually submit the app? 2. I read somewhere we can submit the primary without needing to wait for all the LORs. Is this true? If so, can we still make changes to the LOR section after submitting? Thanks!
  2. Wow! Thanks for all your advice everyone I really should have applied to other Canadian schools. But I wanted to wait until I could raise my GPA no more. This year, my GPA should be like 82% unadjusted and 84 adjusted, which I wasn't sure is good enough for other Canadian schools OOP.
  3. Thanks everyone for their input! Just a few follow-up questions though: 1. I have like 10 hours of shadowing a psychiatrist and even that had to be kind of done under the radar because it is a heavily frowned upon practice in Canada (unless you're a medical student). But would my clinical experience during my rotations as a pharmacy student in both the community and the hospital make up for this? At the hospital, I pretty much worked alongside doctors with the pharmacist. 2. Yep I'd really prefer Canadian schools as well. Definitely reapplying to UBC. Commons, thanks for your inpu
  4. Hi guys, I read a few threads regarding applying to US schools, but couldn't find some of the information that I am looking for. Your help would be greatly appreciated So I am a third time applicant to UBC med, and after being rejected for 2 previous years, I've been put on the waitlist as an IP student. I have not tried applying to other Canadian schools yet. My expected stats for this year's cycle are: cGPA: 82-83% aGPA: 84-85%? Prereq: 83% MCAT: 34 (11VR/12PS/11BS) NAQ (from last year): 36. I am a pharmacy student. Publications (new this year): 2 as second author Volunteerin
  5. Hey guys, I have a friend (from Canada) who applied to the MD/PhD at a bunch of US schools, then opting out of the PhD option when getting accepted. He said the reason for this is a lot of schools do not take Canadian students unless they apply for the MD/PhD. 1. Are you able to bail out without any repercussions? 2. Is this a widespread practice? 3. Does this increase your chances of getting into med school overall? I did a quick search on the forums, but couldn't really find the answer I was looking for (although I might have missed it). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hey there, is this still avaliable? Email please at ccchoi@hotmail.com I am in Vancouver
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