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    g4m3r2 got a reaction from Soda_can_med in Best Overseas Medical School For Canadians? (Yes, I've Used The Search Function)   
    That's true and I intend to apply again this year to UBC. But I've also been rejected twice and WL'd once now. I really don't want to delay any longer in doing what I always wanted to do..
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    g4m3r2 reacted to jebelali in Basic Us School Questions   
    I would go to SDN and see from there. I think your stats are ok for some schools in the states. Better to invest in MSAR now (30$ or something) and see the data they give. That website was not very helpful for me but the MSAR was. Good luck.
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    The MSAR (I think it's $15?) has stats about how many international students actually matriculate at each school. You should use this, and the commonly quoted SDN rule of only applying to schools where you're at or above their median GPA and MCAT individual scores. Also use SDN as a resource to see what they're looking for in applicants. There are some huge differences, like their giant emphasis on clinical experience and shadowing. No one cares about this in Canada, but if you apply without either in the US you're likely to get rejected from every school.
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    1. The states(USMD) is definitely much harder than australia and ireland. US takes few(but growing number) of Canadians, whereas Aussie and ireland generally take a fair amount of canadians for the purpose of subsidizing their own domestic students, usually anyways. 
    2. The US has two schools, USMD(confer MD degree same as Canada), and the USDO degree, which only the US confers, and for most purposes are considered analagous. USDO has political limitations, mostly for Canadian residencies, as unlike the USMD, you are not considered in the CMG stream, due to different accredidation bodies. In the past USDOs also participated in the same stream as CMGs/USMDS in CaRMS, but due to politics, they have now been moved to the IMG stream in most provinces. Except in BC, they remain in the CMG stream.
    3. You are going to want to ignore most online lists outside of Pm101 and SDN, as they are not international/Canadian focused. Even within this category, Canadians generally have more options than internationals from outside of North America, because we have a trusted and comparable education to US undergrads. So some US schools will consider Canada as Out-of-State, kind of like Canada was the 51st state.  Use the search tool and craft your list based on other Canadian users posts on PM101.
    4.ALSO, what will be important is your year by year breakdown of GPA. You may be able to apply to OTHER Canadian schools, Canadian schools should always be considered OPTION #1, with UBC obviously being your best bet in most circumstances, due to IP status and the fact you've reached the interview stage before, and even more so because you were wait-listed, thus meaning you are EXTREMELY CLOSE.
    5.Definitely re-apply to UBC, but broadening your horizons to USMD and USDO schools, after appropriate research can be a very good idea. Don't forget to consider finances BEFORE You apply, so that you don't end up with a US acceptance(and all the money that went into applying and interviewing etc) but no way to pay for the education.
    6. Lastly if you are intending no applying to US schools this cycle for August 2017 start date, you NEED TO GET WORKING ASAP ON YOUR AMCAS/AACOMAS applicatons, as the rule of thumb is you have the best odds of being admitted if you apply early due to rolling admissions. I believe the applications are either open or very close to being open now.
    7. Edit: Also, your MCAT is strong - but unless you've taken it more than once, it may be "expired" for US schools, as you've indicated you've applied to UBC 3 times..meaning it would be 4 years old for consideration in the current US app cycle. I believe many schools want the MCAT to be within 2 or 3 years of matriculation.
    Hopefully though, you will be pulled from waitlist this year, or be accepted next year!
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