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  1. The above advice is solid; here is a few other points from an insider's perspective to consider: -based on your overall academic profile, you should not have any major issues landing FM (not necessarily at a top academic site though) in the US through Jag within the near future -- barring major adverse life events or personality flaws that would hinder you during rotations/interviews. The SoN changes will likely become a somewhat bigger issue going forward not just for residency but also fellowship training as Health Canada tries to manage healthcare expenditure. The problem is not just fo
  2. I am interested and am starting my schedule today. Check ur PM box plz.
  3. I am definitely interested also. Please let me know if I can join. Thanks.
  4. Looking for MCAT study partners to study at Ryerson or somewhere in the downtown T.O. with another friend. Would like to follow a modified 4 month schedule as outlined by SN2ed on SDN, aiming to write in January '12, but your schedule and test date and can be different, of course. Drop me an email if interested please. Thanks.
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