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  1. i would prefer to spend the summer elsewhere because that's where I would like to do my residency eventually and it's closer to my family. Anyway, if anyone can offer me any advice on my original post, (RE: what would be the best activities to do to build connections and to see if I like internal med) I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. they seem to be focused in the city of the medical school I am attending, but i wanted to see other provinces which I am not familiar with (ie. Toronto, Vancouver)
  3. Hey I will be starting first year med this month. I am interested in exploring internal medicine. I know it's a long ways off, I figured the earlier you know if you like or dont like something before clerkships/electives, the better it is in terms of planning your clerkships in 3rd year (location/school/area to focus on). I was just wondering, for someone who wants to get more experience to see if internal medicine is something i could see myself in and also get into a top school for residency , what kind of activities would you guys recoomend in the summers after year 1 and 2? should I d
  4. i mean excluding vacation time...any observations/pre clerkships I can do for a month or so?
  5. Hey guys I am not too familiar with Montreal. But I was wondering if there are summer studentships we can apply for for med students during the summer where we can do research and do some observing clinically as well. I tried search on mcgill's website but didn't find anything, I noticed that some other canadian school provide a list of places their students could apply to. If any current med students have gone thru, I would love the advice. Thanks!
  6. if we only have a month in the summer. It might be too late to do a summer project, does anyone have any recommendations on what things we can do for the summers after med 1 or med 2?
  7. Ah I finally see it, it only shows up as FUTURE deposit and only when I click on account summary by term and not just account summary, so weird. And nothing on my e bill.... But which email are you referring to about us getting registered? I thought that was from someone who was telling people she/he registered...
  8. Hmm, I just don't see the 500 credit anywhere when i click on ebills.
  9. Hey, does anyone know where on minverva we can see how much our tutition is? and also that we paid the $500 deposit? I remember seeing a credit at some point for $500 but now it says 0 so I dont know if I'm looking at the wrong spot. Thanks
  10. Anybody know what the stats are for non traditional and traditional for this year? The website still had 2012 stats
  11. Does this mean they don't look at cgpa? Just mmi plus basic science/mcat?
  12. Thanks for the clarification! As someone who has been through it, do you have any advice as to what sorts of things we should do in the summers to make sure we are in the best position possible for the matches? I am not looking any anything super competitve, something mid tier. Some people have recommended to just take it easy and travel if I am not interested in a super competitive field since rest will be hard to come by once 2nd, 3rd year starts ... or should I spend it doing clinical research? or better to shadow so that our perceptors knows us come CARMS time? Thanks
  13. hm...I always thought if you are a CMG, it's pretty easy to get a residency spot esp if you wanna do family med or something, but looking through the forum, seems that quite a few CMG were unmatched (not even to family). Is it just a function of choosing too competitive of a specialty in first round? or it's actually more competitive then I thought? ie. is it like the mcat...where there a score on the MCCQE I should at least get? or not enough ECs, research, shadowing things in the summer etc...
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