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  1. Screen size is perfect i think. I seems small at first but you get used to it. I wouldn't have it larger or smaller.
  2. That's an insane deal. I haven't found any reasonable civics (2010 and up) below 10k that doesn't have over 70,000km range or more. How did you find that?
  3. How much battery life do you guys usully get out of it on average? I've been getting around 4-5 hours. I was expecting closer to 7.
  4. Anyone with a surface pro 3 have issues with heating or fan noise when running minimal tasks? I've got the i5 with 8gb and I sometimes experience these issues without heavy use i.e. onenote, 3-4 tabs on IE, mail, 3-4 pdfs. Just trying to gauge if this is a common issue or if I just have a defective unit.
  5. Hi all, I'm considering the $22 annual membership with OMA but it's kind of annoying that they are not transparent about the membership discounts and benefits that I will receive. One of the factors I'm interested in is the cell phone plan discounts. https://www.oma.org/Benefits/Pages/OMAAdvantagesProgram(AffinityandDiscounts).aspx Can a current OMA member shed some light into the plans they've got available? Also, what are other advantages of being an OMA member as a medical student that might make the $22 per year worthwhile?
  6. Any mac med students or residents looking for a place? I've got one but looking for someone to share with.
  7. We have to display superior standards of professionalism and intelligence. Hence, "matriculating"... LOL
  8. Interesting...I thought that for something as competitive as plastics, you were expected to do most of ur electives in it. 4 weeks seems a bit on the low side compared to what I've heard other people do. Of course, I can see the rationale for wanting backups when applying to such a competitive specialty, I was under the impression that 6-8 weeks of electives in plastics was sort of standard. thoughts?
  9. I see. Where did you find the ad for your place? The same macoffcampus website? I'd rather get myself a car than live in some of these apartments I'm seeing near campus.
  10. How far is this West Mountain area from campus? Not only have I not found anything decent in Westdale, most the apartments within walking distance look pretty bad.
  11. I'd love to take you up on the offer if I can't find anything for August
  12. Thanks birdy. Looks like most places aren't available until September. What are you (or most people) gonna do for orientation week last week of Aug? I was hoping that most places would be available to move in during August.
  13. Hey guys, My understanding is that Westdale has a lot of student houses, but are there many apartments or condos for rent around the area? If so, how can I go about finding them online?
  14. Well 16 students went unmatched this year which is pretty bad. I think the 3 year program thing shouldn't affect people's decisions so dramatically from year to year.
  15. Perhaps people are turned off by the CARMS match stats from this year for mac.
  16. About 100-150 for each secondary. For primary, I think there's a base fee (you can find that out) and then it's around $35 per school or something like that.
  17. Considering how cheap Hamilton is, I think it's quite feasible to consider living alone.
  18. I doubt that it's because so many people don't get Derm. The same goes for plastics and ophtho too but the alternative matching rate is much lower.
  19. Just wondering where internventional radiology falls under? Is that a subspecialty within diagnostic rads or does it fall under internal?
  20. I'm curious as to how the chances of matching an alternative discipline is determined. Wouldn't that depend on what alternative discipline you choose? Also, why are there such huge differences between specialties with respect to your chances of matching to an alternative discipline? Is it because your first choice is too specialized? For example: ophto looks terrible but derm looks much better with respect to chances of matching to alt. discipline. Why do you guys feel Emerg is so competitive? This is news to me.
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