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  1. Best to reach out to the programs and former grads to get your info.
  2. Congrats to everyone who got in this year, seems just like yesterday I was accepted
  3. The ABS is inherently subjective. My point is yes there is a score given but there is no way of knowing what will give certain points and how specifically or to what magnitude it will make up for a weakness in another aspect of your application. The writing quality, the committtee and their inherent biases and how much it will impact your ABS score cannot be predicted.
  4. You're asking for details that cannot be given and for all intents and purposes are very hard to put in a calculation. For example: "If I have a 19 on RC, if I add something in my CV that demonstrates leadership, everything will be balanced right?". There are no correct answers to this and "it depends". Reality is. If you have good grades, decent DAT, follow your passions and it shows in your ABS then it will come down to doing well in your interview + luck.
  5. You make it as difficult or as easy as you want. The choice is yours really.
  6. I have heard that banks are willing to increase it to 300K if needed. However, I do not have personal experience with this. UBC and UofT dental students have recently had their maximums raised to 300K due to their increased living costs. Western has seen recent increases in tuition the past 3 three years but have not yet been officially approved for this new limit.
  7. U of T and UBC students get the 300k. Western students get the 275, but there has been pressure to increase to 300K to create a standard among all dental Canadian dental students. While it was argued that Toronto and Vancouver have higher living costs, Westerns tuition has indeed gone up quite a bite the last couple of years. I am not sure how people have been getting 300k, however at Western.
  8. This forum is such a small sample size, I would not rely on it too heavily. But you are correct most of the waitlist movement occurs around the deadline of the initial deposit. Try to keep your sanity and stay busy. Keep your mind on other things and enjoy the summer. I know its easier said than done
  9. I also had terrible grades my first two years of undergrad. Turned it around after I found what I wanted to do in life. It can be done. Just work hard and be smart with your choices. Best of luck.
  10. Wow that sucks lol. But I guess it's getting so competitive they had to add another hurdle.
  11. It has been 18 before in the past. However, in recent years it has been 19 I believe.
  12. Everything depends!! I used DAT Destroyer for Chem and Cliffs Notes for Bio. Would highly recommend for those respective sections.
  13. Sorry, I can't remember. It was low though as I didn't even bother answering the questions. I just randomly filled in answers so I could take a break for the next session. It didn't seem to effect my application though so Western doesn't look at it all.
  14. I did not study for the PAT as I was only applying to Schulich. If I recall I had a very low score and it was not a factor when I applied.
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