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  1. Yikes. This is the problem going to these foreign medical schools. Even at a 'good' school like SGU, you just can't predict what will happen. I'm 99% sure this will work out okay - not rectifying this would literally destroy what is one of the biggest medical schools for the US - but it still creates a lot of unnecessary stress for the students there. I went to Saba when they were transitioning to officially joining the Netherlands , so they had to become accredited by the Netherlands instead of this caribbean group. They ended up getting accreditation, but it was somewhat stressful at th
  2. This is incorrect. These spots were funded specifically to address the need in rural underserviced areas. The government had no interest in adding extra funding for more residency positions when the ratio was adequate enough to train all CMGs. So if there were no IMG positions, there wouldn't suddenly be new spots created for CMGs 'just because'. The only argument that could be made is that CMGs are losing out on the opportunity to apply to positions that come with a return of service contract, and almost nobody would be interested in applying for those spots.
  3. This is the core issue that all the complainers on here don't seem to recognize. Those aren't spots taken from the CMG pool and given to IMGs. They were new positions separately funded by the health ministries and added specifically for IMGs, and all come with a return of service contract. I don't think many CMGs would be up for that idea. But if they are, then you could make the second IMG stream competitive for CMGs as well.
  4. Which would be the exact same scenario in Canada if we had a competitive application process. It would be very unusual for an IMG to be ranked higher than a CMG. But there are exceptionally good IMGs, and there are also exceptionally bad CMGs where that would happen. Especially as it is notoriously easy to make it through med school in Canada once you get that acceptance letter. As a Canadian citizen and tax payer, I would want the best doctor looking after me, regardless of where they trained. On the flipside as a Canadian physician, I do feel we owe it to our CMGs to give them a reasonable g
  5. This is not necessarily true everywhere. Our neighbours to the south have a fully competitive residency application system. IMGs or USMGs can apply for positions equally, based off merit, and based off more objective data like USMLE scores. As a taxpayer, if a higher qualified IMG (who paid for their own training) takes the spot over a CMG whose training I funded, I haven't lost anything, as long as someone filled that residency seat.
  6. At this point I'm glad I have my USMLEs and my US board exams done. But that is NOT to say that the US is a safeguard when they will be going through massive health care cuts and changes over the coming years as well. The one saving grace is that as health care costs are rising due to an aging baby boomer population, so does the demand for more physicians, and thus need to pay us to prevent another brain drain. The OMA and other groups need to educate the public about the risk of another brain drain so that we have their support in coming provincial elections where topics like physician re
  7. Your chances will be better in the US for matching , no question at all.
  8. The government ultimately doesn't care who ends up getting matched, as long as they end up getting *somebody* matched into all the available residency spots. It's a bonus to them if they end up with an even better qualified doctor (an IMG) than the medical student they initially 'invested' in. The only issue with a fully competitive match would be influential doctors sending their kids abroad and getting them access to a residency spot over a more qualified CMG.
  9. Board exam can be done in Canada at any PearsonVUE centre, at least for ABIM.
  10. I owe it to this forum for saving me a few hundred bucks a year by recently getting my LOC dropped by 0.25%. We are so very lucky that the rates stayed as low for as long as they did. Like you guys, I'm glad I focused on paying down my LOC rather than using my residency salary to invest. Just want to get rid of that damn LOC debt and be done with it!
  11. Like many others, I'm going to sit down with my financial advisor and accountant and have a serious discussion about how these changes, along with the higher marginal tax rate (which I didn't really make a fuss over), will affect my long-term financial security. With a weak dollar, significantly higher taxes, and declining salaries (when adjusted for inflation), I'll be thinking about moving to the US. I've already completed all the USMLEs and waiting on the results of the American board exam for my specialty which I just wrote last month. If the govt introduces a nice pension plan, EI,
  12. Annual in-house and mock American board exams for my specialty, finishing with the beast that is the Royal College. So glad that is done with and to have my FRCPC!
  13. Something tells me I should look into getting a new advisor...
  14. I consolidated mine, but my MD Management advisor told me that I shouldn't have done it! I never did the math, but the difference in interest seems too much to not be a better option.
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