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  1. You already created a potential issue should this wrong verifier be contacted. Therefore, in my view, to mitigate potential damage, it would be smart not damaging to let adcoms know. This approach can help, not harm.
  2. Unlikely, but you should be aware of how your activities impacted the development of your CanMEDS competencies such as leadership, communication skills, collaboration, empathy, etc. I recall several years ago an interviewer grilled an interviewee about a topic that was not in the script - to a point where it appeared this was a case of discrimination! He was not accepted (although accepted at another QC med school) and wrote to the Dean complaining, The Dean replied that he had received the top mark possible at this Station! So, bottom line, absolutely anything is possible, be prepared fo
  3. https://www.mcgill.ca/dentistry/programs/essential-skills-and-abilities https://dental.washington.edu/policies/clinic-policy-manual/clinical-competencies/ https://www.google.com/search?lei=YbdqYdvREsuZ_QaI2JOYCA&q=problem solving skills in dentistry&ved=2ahUKEwibhqLl6c7zAhXLTN8KHQjsBIMQsKwBKAR6BAg4EAU&biw=825&bih=392&dpr=3.32 https://www.adea.org/adeacci/Resources/Critical-Thinking-Skills-Toolkit/Pages/Overview-of-Critical-Thinking-Skills.aspx https://www.bu.edu/dental/ce/clinical-treatment-planning-and-problem-solving-when-it-doesnt-go-by-the-book/
  4. I had no publications at the time of application, but - subject to availability of space on the CV, would be inclined to write something like: 13 publications, 8 0f which are 1st author, including:
  5. You are overthinking it. Ongoing is good, changes in life are normal!
  6. I believe it is fair to say that most graduates from French speaking medical schools wish to remain in Quebec and they see no advantage to doing residency outside of Quebec. Assuming their English is adequate, they suffer from no disadvantage whatsoever in applying to English language residency programs. I think you should apply broadly across Quebec and beyond! There is no telling where lightning will strike, although there is a home school advantage or where you have done electives. This past cycle I have mentored CaRMS applicants (although none from Quebec) who applied broadly ac
  7. I would have thought the example you give would demonstrate the development of competencies they are seeking, e.g., CanMEDS competencies if you were applying to medicine.
  8. Why do you need to "name" each Presentation? K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
  9. We have proven ourselves for many many years in providing excellent advice to our membership and so many of us got into medical school from what we learned right here! There are greedy vultures everywhere.
  10. 2nd undergrad degree with competitive grades
  11. Before residency in surgery, I had no research, its not an issue from my perspective, i.e., you are not screwed!
  12. I would assume there is a component of the practice that deals with Workmen's Compensation cases from work related injuries.
  13. Part pf my problem was attending a French speaking school with terrible French and after 2 days of attending lectures being unable to understand b/c either the prof was speaking too fast or was mumbling, aside from PBL, I became self-taught for the first 2 years. Notwithstanding having much free time, I would not be concerned with doing research or ECs. Just follow your interests and enjoy. Last point. Summers are for you to enjoy family and friends, not to work. This time is precious and should not be squandered. On Quebec, working would have been a zero sum gain b/c my bursary wou
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