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  1. OPPORTUNITIES Of police perspective, of real time understanding, never ignite tension in encouraging situations.
  2. EVERYWHERE Edith's victory encouraged rebellious youth whom have educated, resourceful experiences.
  3. STANDOFFISHNESS Some teens are not diligent or find freaky information sometimes, having never established sensible systems.
  4. YOUTHFULNESS Your outgoing unique truthfulness has full understanding Larry, now, especially Sandra's, Susuan's.
  5. DISMISSED Don't insinuate supposed misinformation, I'm somewhat surprised Edward, definitely!
  6. SCATTERBRAINED She can advise the teacher, even revise basic reports and inform nurses especially diligently.
  7. STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS Some trainees reported an incident George. Having thought forever on reporting, Warren also reported. Deciding not, Ed seemed satisfied.
  8. DAIQUIRIS Don asked if quirky undergrads, isolated, really inform students.
  9. ENCHILADAS Every normal child has informed love and dedicated admiration sometimes.
  10. KEYBOARDING Ken eats yams, blueberries, oranges, apples, raspberries - delicious! It's necessarily good.
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