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  1. You are entirely correct about Cambridge and there are many cities like that. However, gun killing in schools, places of work and in other situations in US has almost reached sport status. The idiotic Trumpist consider it their right to destroy democracy if they can and injuries or killing is just a part of this process. We each have our own views. Canada is much safer, calmer and has no gun problem close to the US. We are entirely different societies and I will bring up my children in Canada and can never be tempted to move to the US.
  2. It seems to me that one is better off to be qualified to practice before taking this jump, and doing residency is well worth doing, otherwise this path is effectively lost forever. And, as you say, this path is available in USA only. Given the gun violence, the turmoil in the US, I wouldn't move there if I would be offered 5M a year for life. In my opinion, it is not a safe environment in which to live or bring up children.
  3. You mean you don't know if any Canadian bank would loan you the money. And the answer is that you would need an acceptable, credit worthy, solvent co-signer for the loan so that the bank knows clearly that come what may. the co-signer would pay off the loan in full if you don't.
  4. You need to look into whether or not I am correct, but I believe McGill won't look at your 1st degree. And as an OOP, with your stellar grades, you should be in good shape.
  5. I'm happy to review it, just send me the precise requirements. I did this for other applicants years ago.
  6. I believe you are correct in your strategy. Many years ago, kylamonkey, who was also a non-trad, did precisely that for the same reasons and she would be a practicing physician today. I have not seen her on this Forum for years but you can try to reach out to her by private message. You have a competitive GPA. I wish you every success on this journey!
  7. Life is not fair as each medical school has the right to change their conditions for acceptance as they see fit, creating what appear to be casualties in this process. It is what it is. Good luck!
  8. You won't be judged nor will it look bad, so these are non considerations in your determination whether to proceed with your plan or not. Good luck!
  9. For better or worse, luck plays a critical role in the process. I recall I too was on a wait list and finally got off the wait list in August. Had I applied the year before or the year after, I would not have made it as the wait list did not move as much! It is a numbers game where there are more qualified applicants than seats available. You are obviously qualified, all you need to do is persevere.
  10. Terrific, this should be helpful to many! Well done and may you enjoy your journey!
  11. Its about your GPA which has nothing whatsoever to do with your major. You should select your program according to your interests and where you feel motivated to work hard for the best GPA of which you are capable. Its really that simple and all other alleged considerations are irrelevant, except for building competencies for a Plan B career.
  12. THERMOELECTROMETERS They happily eat rhubarb mostly or eat lettuce, eat cauliflower Tom, really. Our meals each taste excellent, really stupendous.
  13. My r score was 25 in Cegep and today I am a surgeon. I went to undergrad where I was a straight A student and then was accepted into medicine. Your r score is insufficient for acceptance into med but you are in a marathon and can accomplish your goal with perseverance, motivation and hard work!
  14. I applied to 2 competitive specialties and FM. I would have been happy with any of these 3 fields but had to rank them.
  15. When I entered med school, I knew 100% I wanted OBS-GYN. I kept an open mind! Immediately prior to CaRMS application submission deadline, I also applied to a surgical specialty, I was selected and love it in practice. This is all to say that you are far too early in the game to truly know your ultimate preference. As rmorelan says "relax"!
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