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  1. EXTRAVAGANCE Even Xander tried recently advancing vague answers. George also never can enquire.
  2. What about a client or another employee. You want a verifier.
  3. Not all physicians in Quebec were able to fast track directly from Cegep. Some, of which I am an example, did not have the grades to even apply from Cegep. Others applied from Cegep, were interviewed and not accepted, so they had to continue their education with an undergraduate degree and apply again, then receive an acceptance either immediately or after more than 1 cycle. And some never make it. It is a lottery, where persistence, motivation, hard work and luck all play a role. And over a lifetime, a few more years is no big deal - really.
  4. dooogs - it never came up for me to explain. Anyhow, the purpose of electives is to discover your ultimate interest while gaining experience, so it is easy to spin the story you were exploring your options. bread - CaRMS2021 gave an excellent answer. The parties who gave references will be happy that you matched and they understand the game, i.e., that we often apply to more than one field, rank our choices and it is out of our hands where we finally land. They will be so happy for you!
  5. I am assuming a deferral won't be possible? I cannot imagine it would be a death sentence for the future. Of course, you could accept and explain - in which case, I suppose they would likely turn you down for this cycle.
  6. I ranked FM last and the other specialty which did not select me first. This was only b/c I had to rank. I repeat, in my mind, I ranked them equally. My so-called 1st choice I had wanted ever since I was a child, OBGYN, and where I landed, I only thought of applying literally in the last days prior to CaRMS deadline. Oh, in my Motivational Letters, each were told this was my dream and they were first choice - which, in a sense, was the truth.
  7. Well my experience was somewhat different. I applied to 2 specialties and FM, and felt that I would enjoy whichever field selected me. In my mind, I considered them equal but I did rank my choices. I was not prepared to compromise on location, so I only applied in one city, realizing I might not match. However, it worked out for me and the surgical specialty selected me. You can choose location where to apply and can rank your choices in order of your preference. After that, it is totally out of your hands. Good luck!
  8. And advice for the MEM. This actually has worked for many applicants, including those who were not accepted on their first cycle of interviews. Treat the MEM as a "practice session"! If you can accomplish this, you will have no anxiety and be relaxed! And refer to this thread amongst others in that section:
  9. Back in the day, I had a 25 and could not even apply from Cegep. So, I took the specialty program in exercise science at Concordia (which then required only 25, today, I believe 27), got straight A's, then went to med school and today after residency, I am a surgeon. I matured during undergrad. It was a longer but good journey. If you truly do not have persistence in this marathon, then medicine is not for you. Otherwise, enjoy the journey and see you as a colleague in the future.
  10. As the deadline is approaching for applying for an undergraduate degree, I remind those applicants of this viable approach toward medicine. Those interested should read the entire thread. I received a private message from a Cegep student requesting advice regarding applying for an undergrad degree and I recommended this program in Exercise Science at Concordia. I wish to bring this to the attention of others in the same situation.
  11. ENDEAVOURS Every night Don eats a vegetable ordinarily Ulysse. Remember sleep.
  12. ^ Exactly! If within word count, just put in the first part, not the thank you. If you are over word count, I am able to keep meaningful thoughts and cut out unnecessary words.
  13. You are wasting words by saying "thank you, etc.". I can cut words while keeping content.
  14. Your GPA is not competitive, you need a second undergrad degree with a significantly higher GPA to be competitive.
  15. YELLOWFIN Your engine lasted long Owen, well, fix it now.
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