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  1. Life is too short, we should not live with any regrets wherever possible and if I were you, I would follow my passion and dreams. At age 37, you will have not less than 40 remaining productive professional years (I know one physician who continued his practice into his early 90s). Interestingly, many decades ago, there was a dentist, upon opening his practice, who had considerable free time on his hands, and so, he went to medical school, obtained his medical degree, and he became a dentist's dentist. When a dentist ran into a problem with a patient on the chair, the patient was immediat
  2. In life, things happen, e.g., changing the rules of the game which affects you adversely. You can try but your chances are slim. Should you try, you will point out what your GPA would have been had this course not been included. However, as a practical matter, you need to be flexible when changing circumstances occur and to adjust accordingly. Regardless of your reasons that U/T is your first choice - I assume not your only choice - you need to apply broadly as you do not know where and when lightning will strike. I assume that your first and greater dream is entry to a medical school in
  3. You received excellent advice! Just be your authentic self, letting your personality shine. Should you be asked "Tell me about yourself", be prepared to describe your interests, why you are passionate about this profession, what led you to dentistry, the challenges you have overcome, your development that prepares you for the study of dentistry, and any hobbies and experiences that highlight whom you are. Just relax and be yourself!
  4. I don't know but would think poor grades or a GPA lower than that attained in undergraduate studies would be a red flag, i.e., although these grades don't help you, they can create overall harm to your application.
  5. I know of members in the past who applied to both at McGill and were accepted to both, selected med. I do not consider there will any negative impact whatsoever! If I were you, I would apply to both. Good luck!
  6. Yes, directly from undergrad and I am a surgeon today.
  7. The only issue for you is what Program will maximize your opportunity to attain the highest GPA. Biology per se is not, in my opinion, a great prep, however, pre-meds study almost anything. I took the Specialization Program at Exercise Science in Concordia which I thought prepared me well for med, especially with the internships involving the elderly chronically ill and I attained straight A's. Taking a Program that interests you usually motivates one to work hard and attain high grades.
  8. I mean you have an acceptance. Should you not obtain an acceptance that you prefer prior to the deadline for you to accept the nursing position at Macewan, you should think long and hard before pass it up.
  9. Exploration is essential and normal. I cannot see this as a red flag. I applied toand had interviews with 2 competitive specialties and FM, today am a surgeon. My take is that you should go for it!
  10. I was lucky, but not unusually so. People keep their options open and so the story goes, you were considering both but in the end, opted for this field because ........ Regarding your last sentence, I wouldn't worry.
  11. It is possible to tailor your Motivational Letters to each specialty. I applied to 2 competitive specialties and FM, and got into one of the specialties. The specialty that accepted me knew of my interest in the other. This was irrelevant. They were looking for a good fit that I was deemed to be.
  12. Let's put aside your actual motivation as to why you undertook an activity. It is not really relevant to anything, rather what is important is how you grew from the activity, what competencies you developed. Tutoring is far from menial! To tutor effectively, you need to establish in your own mind, the level of the student, if there are any learning disabilities and/or difficulties encountered in understanding concepts, how motivated the student is, how to motivate and encourage the student. Communication skills, problem solving, critical thinking, teaching, compassion and more are involved. Th
  13. You already created a potential issue should this wrong verifier be contacted. Therefore, in my view, to mitigate potential damage, it would be smart not damaging to let adcoms know. This approach can help, not harm.
  14. Unlikely, but you should be aware of how your activities impacted the development of your CanMEDS competencies such as leadership, communication skills, collaboration, empathy, etc. I recall several years ago an interviewer grilled an interviewee about a topic that was not in the script - to a point where it appeared this was a case of discrimination! He was not accepted (although accepted at another QC med school) and wrote to the Dean complaining, The Dean replied that he had received the top mark possible at this Station! So, bottom line, absolutely anything is possible, be prepared fo
  15. https://www.mcgill.ca/dentistry/programs/essential-skills-and-abilities https://dental.washington.edu/policies/clinic-policy-manual/clinical-competencies/ https://www.google.com/search?lei=YbdqYdvREsuZ_QaI2JOYCA&q=problem solving skills in dentistry&ved=2ahUKEwibhqLl6c7zAhXLTN8KHQjsBIMQsKwBKAR6BAg4EAU&biw=825&bih=392&dpr=3.32 https://www.adea.org/adeacci/Resources/Critical-Thinking-Skills-Toolkit/Pages/Overview-of-Critical-Thinking-Skills.aspx https://www.bu.edu/dental/ce/clinical-treatment-planning-and-problem-solving-when-it-doesnt-go-by-the-book/
  16. I had no publications at the time of application, but - subject to availability of space on the CV, would be inclined to write something like: 13 publications, 8 0f which are 1st author, including:
  17. You are overthinking it. Ongoing is good, changes in life are normal!
  18. I believe it is fair to say that most graduates from French speaking medical schools wish to remain in Quebec and they see no advantage to doing residency outside of Quebec. Assuming their English is adequate, they suffer from no disadvantage whatsoever in applying to English language residency programs. I think you should apply broadly across Quebec and beyond! There is no telling where lightning will strike, although there is a home school advantage or where you have done electives. This past cycle I have mentored CaRMS applicants (although none from Quebec) who applied broadly ac
  19. I would have thought the example you give would demonstrate the development of competencies they are seeking, e.g., CanMEDS competencies if you were applying to medicine.
  20. Why do you need to "name" each Presentation? K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
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