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  1. I doubt this is allowed and, in any event, not a good idea. Assume you are closing the door to medicine if you go in that direction. Don't leave, adjust to your circumstances.
  2. SVR, this was me, I was doing my elective during the CARMS application deadline and had absolutely no problem obtaining my reference letter and was selected for this specialty.
  3. Assuming you are a Cegepien and have competitive grades, there is UdeM, Laval, Sherby & McGill. You apply under the Med-P program for McGill, and for UdeM, you apply for medicine and if accepted, you will be placed into the preparatory year.
  4. Accept them at their word, and definitely apply again - as otherwise you are closing a door that may be open. The cost is the cost of life and advancing yours!
  5. Good luck! Lancaster is the closest but has a tiny population. Alexandria is just down the road a few miles away. Then,. there is Cornwall a further 10-15 minutes, and Hawksebury is 17 miles away, Vankleek Hill is 10 miles away, and there is Ottawa. The other option which is viable is to live in Dorval or the West Island and to commute daily to Eastern Ontario to work. I know of professionals who have done precisely that.
  6. I just googled it and it appears you must prove fluency in French, see https://www.acotro-acore.org/faqs/canadian-educated-ots However, you could practice in Eastern Ontario, a very short drive to Montreal (e.g., Alexandria, Cornwall).
  7. First year, you are learning the basics, 2nd year you are establishing a foundation and have your new relationships established. Giving birth beginning of 3rd year is optimal. And, yes, you want to qualify for paid leave as an employee, so there is that, don't do it before you have your full entitlements.
  8. If your significant other is living in the same city, if your relationship is such that you can focus on your studies, a full time job, with a supportive spouse, why not sooner than later - otherwise, graduate, marry, honeymoon and then off to residency!
  9. Stress is always there, part of life and you need to know how to handle it. Children are expensive and require lots of time. A friend had kids before and during med school, he was poor. He did just fine in med school, nobody suffered and he went into practice. It was financially difficult but it worked. Best time to have kids, if female, is during residency after your 2nd year, paid maternity leave and return to residency whereas as a practicing physician it is on your own dime. If male, timing of birth can be during med school or any time thereafter. Executive Summary: No best
  10. If these courses are absolutely required, I don't see it as a big deal. Take off a year and take these high school years which will result in you gaining in maturity prior to entering Cegep. A simple solution to a simple problem!
  11. It's not for you, its for their protection if something happens to you and they cannot be repaid. Don't take it.
  12. I never went to MUN but am willing to read it if you give me the instructions.
  13. Yes. And it is more difficult to attain higher grades at U/T. It is important to make wise strategic decisions that you don't learn in the classroom.
  14. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid), choose the university & program where you consider you are able to maximize your GPA. Developing good study habits, time and stress management skills are essential as is staying away from a needy significant other who tries to maximize his/her time with you. You want a significant other who respects and supports your ambitions and is willing to sacrifice time with you to support your ambitions. When I was in undergrad, there was no texting, emails, phone calls, etc and our time together was restricted to a few hours on Saturday nights as I needed to study
  15. It is not really necessary, it all depends upon the jurisdiction where you live. Graduates of Cegep in Quebec can and do go directly to medical school and have become excellent physicians. If you live in Barbados and other Caribbean islands, you apply competitively to medical school, some go to a boarding high school in Canada and immediately thereafter can be (and are) selected for entry to medical school. I know excellent physicians in the Caribbean who are practicing without ever having gone to college or university. Time and money is saved with absolutely no harm done. I went to Cegep
  16. Moving to the US? I don't think so. Gun violence and violent deaths, no place to bring up children in a safe and sane society if given a choice such as Canada! And to practice where malpractice suits are a sport and physicians practicing defensive medicine where their first priority is to cover themselves from potential future malpractice cases is not for me. Practicing medicine in Canada is just fine for me.
  17. YESTERDAY You eat strawberries today, eat raspberries daily and yell.
  18. Next cycle, do no prep for the MMI. you are already prepared, treat it as a practice session! And consider the other person as an inquisitive, intelligent 12 year old child to whom you wish to impart information about the topic, to explain your thinking process - and you will do just fine!
  19. The readers are smart, not stupid. I don't know Memorial or the question you want to answer, but there must be a compelling explanation for poor grades, for low grades, such that you remain in the competitive spectrum. If your grades are not competitive year after year, they speak louder than anything you can say, in my opinion at least. Are there deaths in the family, severe circumstances in the family? You can stress the positive, i.e., a strong upward trend. When I went to Cegep, my grades were so low that I did not qualify to even apply to medical school. The journey was not over, it
  20. As long as you are able to read and understand texts in English in med school, whichever Cegep you attend, be it English or French, will make no difference later on. So, the issue then becomes when you attend Cegep, will you likely achieve higher grades studying in English or French. To me that should be a deciding factor, together with the fact that you don't want to spend lots of time travelling to and from Cegep, so consider the Cegeps closest to you in order to maximize your time for studies. I wish you every success in this marathon you are about to enter. Back in the day, I did not
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