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  1. 12 hours ago, bearded frog said:

    It would probably be simplest, but there are more than a few doctors who practice under their non-legal names. Specifically women (or men) who choose to continue practising and getting licensed under their maiden name while legally changing their name after getting married is not uncommon.

    On the other hand, there are women doctors who practice under their maiden name, received their medical degree and RC under their maiden name - and there is no confusion as they obtained their qualifications under their maiden name. Many of these women use their husband's surname on facebook and in their personal interactions. 

  2. Hi there. To me, the answer is simple. BTW, I recently completed residency as a surgeon in December and have entered practice then. In my case, and I assume in yours, working during summers would have been a zero sum gain - because whatever I would have earned during the summer, would have reduced my bursary. Accordingly, there was absolutely no incentive to work. Moreover, these summers are the only time in your youth that you will have available to relax and enjoy family and friends - therefore, do exactly that each summer, which is what I did. :P Your next such opportunity will be during retirement.

  3. 28 minutes ago, askingquestions said:

    Say I get into residency at UofT coming from UdeM (big if I know). Would the “prestige” of UofT help me (to a certain extent) get a fellowship in the US? And would my original med school still matter at that point?

    Indefatigable answered you well. Your original med school is essentially irrelevant at that point. U/T wouldn't hurt you.

  4. 5 hours ago, Turquoise said:

    * Just add for a point on UdeM:

    Personally, I personally know two med students at UdeM and they really like their experience! It depends on each person of course, but they appreciate the atmosphere and the teaching methods! As they were already living there, they liked not having to move. They like to be close to everything and apparently it is really a special experience to live the student experience of Montreal. I cannot confirm that this is 100% true since I have no sources, but they told me that it was a little more advantageous also to be able to do their specialty still in Montreal afterwards. Personally, I might go there following their comments, but I can't really afford to live in Montreal. I also have a friend in Sherbrooke, it comes to play in the balance hihi. Of course, :)

    Although I don't think Montreal is best for you, you should be aware that "affordability" is not an issue for you - with the LOC you are entitled to set up. You will be able to borrow AND to repay after residency! Many owe over $200,000 and it is not a problem to pay this off from your future earnings.

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