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  1. The players will change though.
  2. To have a fulfilling life, to enjoy each stage with medicine (if I ever get into medical school) being one part only. How welcome are new members here, are they targets of attack?
  3. Good move. Now, worry about those who would push you under the bus but do not show their true colours. Lots of toxic people around. Do what is necessary to keep your health.
  4. Your priority is studies, especially in first year in your circumstances. Social life will come later, lots of time for that. GPA GPA & GPA.
  5. You are very good HerbalPlz and will go very far in life. Not many know how to play the game like you.
  6. Once upon a time, there was a big bad wolf who suddenly came out of hiding and prevented Little Red Riding Hood from continuing along her path to see grandma. The big bad wolf took her goodies our of her basket and pushed Little Red Riding Hood over almost making her scared too death. Regaining her composure, she got up looked the wolf in the eye, ....... ...... ........ ...... ........ ..........
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